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Conflicting Versions and Basenames

This page lists plugins and templates where version information differs between the plugin repository and the information fetched from the extension's github repository.

The lastupdate date on a extension's page here at should always match the date field in the extension's or Ideally both dates should also be updated when a new commit was made to the repository (however the latter applies only when downloads are auto generated by Github).

The base property in an extension's should match it's pagename here on - otherwise popularity data will be counted wrong and user may accidentally overwrite one extension with another when using the extension manager.

Offending entries are marked with a :!:. Extension authors should search this page for their name and fix any extension they find.

Note: this page is auto generated nightly. There's no sense in editing it, it will be overwritten automatically.

Also note: this list is not complete. It only covers extensions that are managed in a public Github repository. All checks are done against the master branch.

Extension Plugin Page info.txt Last Commit base
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