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DokuWiki Features

DokuWiki has many features but all of them are easy to use. And many more can be added through the free plugin downloads. The list below should give you a first overview of what is available in DokuWiki. Feel free to test DokuWiki on the playground. If you miss a feature not available, just put a bounty out on it.

A big list of features is also available in the WikiMatrix where you can compare DokuWiki's features with those of other engines and systems.

Wiki Feature Comparison

Basic Features

High Usability

Access Control and Anti-Spam Measures


  • Support for over 50 languages
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • Romanization support for nicer URLs
  • Optional automatic plural linking for English wikis


  • Index-based fast fulltext search
  • Pagecaching for quicker rendering
  • Ajax-enhanced Interface


  • Layout customizable through templates (over 80 already available)
  • Features can be extended through plugins (over 900 already available)
  • Great support from the community if you ever need help

Easy Integration

  • No database required, it uses plain text files
  • Syndication of recent changes as RSS or ATOM feeds
  • Authentication Backends for integrating with LDAP, MySQL, Postgres and others
  • Open Source and well documented source code
  • and many more….
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