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Extranet Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Hide some pages and disable actions from extranet IP

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By Lortet


Install the plugin using the Extension Manager Plugin with the download URL above (source).


Name Description Default value
server_ip_key Name of the $_SERVER array entry to use to retrieve the client`s IP address. See $_SERVER page REMOTE_ADDR
extranet_ip_list List of IP addresses to filter
extranet_ip_regex Regular expression of IP addresses to filter
Example: /10\.100\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+/
hide_regex Regular expression of namespaces and pages to hide from extranet
Example: /(^hiddenpage$|^hiddennamespace:|^public:hiddenpage$|^public:hiddensubnamespace:$|secretpage$)/
hide_files Should hide medias? true
disable_actions Also prevent access to actions from extranet admin, edit, preview, save, revisions, diff, export_raw, export_xhtml, export_xhtmlbody, permalink, register
preserve_first_title Should the first title be kept on hidden pages? false
message_prefix Message prefix
Example: <adm danger> or <WRAP alert>
message_suffix Message suffix
Example: </adm> or </WRAP>


You can also prevent access to page from extranet with the tag ~~NOEXTRANET~~.

:!: The use of this tag can be disabled from the settings in a future update.

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