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GoogleFonts Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Adora Belle, Ponder Stibbons, Hrun

plugin A DokuWiki Plugin to embed google web font for headlines or other tags, css classes or css id's.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to fontface

Tagged with fonts, google, style, typography


This plugin allows the inclusion of multiple Google Web Fonts into a wiki site. The plugin allows for each chosen font to be assigned to one or multiple html tags.

Credit needs to go to the author of the fontface plugin as it has heavily inspired the creation of GoogleFonts.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Configuration and Settings

This plugin is configured and managed from the Administration Configuration page.



This is where the name of the Google Web Font is defined. This can be either just the name of the font, or a variant. For example:

  • Open Sans
  • Open+Sans
  • Open Sans:400italic,400
  • Open+Sans:400italic,700italic,400,700


Choose which html tag, css class or css id should have the associated fontName applied to it. A comma (,) is used as a seperator. For example:

  • h1
  • h2
  • li,p


Choose the fonts generic font family. If you are unsure what your chosen font's family is, check out the 'Quick-Use' for the font and the 4th point will have the information. The options are:

  • serif – a font with serifs
  • sans-serif – a font without serifs
  • cursive – a font that has joined strokes that make it look at least somewhat like handwriting
  • fantasy – a decorative font (but focused on characters rather than on icons or pictures)
  • monospace – a font in which every character is the same width


Here you have the option to turn the style on or off without having to remove its details from the config.

Additional Fonts

The setup currently only give the option for three fonts, but if more are needed, they can be added by uncommenting and/or editting the conf\default.php, conf\metadata.php and lang\en\settings.php files in lib\plugin\googlefonts\.


Change Log

A complete changelog is available at the Github repository.


Can you help with translations? There is only one file to translate:

Post any updated language files in the bugtracker. Please make sure to have a look at the available translations first.


Before reporting any issues (bugs or requests), please first take a look at the FAQ on plugin problems.

You can report any issues either on the Issue Tracker or on the separate discussion page.

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