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RDP Link Plugin

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plugin Enables you to create links that automagically generate and open Remote Desktop Connection configurations

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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After using and falling in love with DokuWiki and it's elegant simplicity and extensibility, I found myself wanting to be able to create links in my Wiki pages that I could click on and immediately Remote Desktop into a server. There wasn't anything out there (that I could find), so I created this plugin.


This plugin is now hosted at GitHub, code has been removed from this page (but still available in “Old Revisions”):

Feel free to submit pull requests for bugfixes or enhancements and I'll do my best to get them vetted and merged quickly. –Justin


  • SERVERNAME is the IP or DNS address of the server you want to connect to.
  • TITLE is the “pretty name” of the link. If none is specified, the server name will be used.

Additional you can enter the usercredentials (or just part of them) too:


PASSSTRING must be pre-encrypted (if you create your own Windows Program, use AES via Microsoft crypt32.dll), or use one like Remko's RDP PW Encrypter

There is a password encryption utility included in the plugin package, along with source code for the command-line version.

Known Issues

If you find that the <?=…?> lines don't parse for you, change them to <?php … ?> and it should work.

Suggestions for Improvement

from Alex Bailey - alex[dot]bailey[at]interfacia[dot]

I had to alter the last 2 lines as follows to make it work otherwise the server name was not inserted into the RDP file content. The blank line before “domain” was necessary and I think this parameter is not used anyway. I've never written any PHP before but I had a good guess at fixing it!

full address:s:<?php echo $_GET['server']?>
domain:s:<?php echo $_GET['domain']?>

from [[]]

Some Remote Desktop clients need a file with Windows Line Breaks, so instead of

<?php echo $_GET['server'] . "\n"?>


<?php echo $_GET['server'] . "\r\n"?>

for all fields and it should work.

Blank page on save

If you get a blank page on save (coupled with an error in the logs similar to:)

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /lib/plugins/rdplink/syntax.php:1) in /inc/common.php on line 1825

Edit syntax.php and remove the spaces on line 1 prior to <?php

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