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template This was the DokuWiki default template, before Adora Belle version

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Similar to desert, dokufreech

This template was the old default template for DokuWiki until 2012. It was bundled with the core until 2013. Unless a new maintainer is found, it won't be updated anymore.

:!: This template is looking for a maintainer! :!:

Apart from the guaranteed colour placeholders, these are the others available in this template:

placeholder variable meaning value in default tpl name before 2006-08-05
__background_other__ other background colour #f7f9fa __lighter__
__text_other__ other text colour #ccc __mediumgray__
(none, omitted) - #eef3f8 __light__
__extern__ link colour #436976 (unchanged)
__existing__ link colour of existing internal links #090 (unchanged)
__missing__ link colour of missing internal links #f30 (unchanged)
__highlight__ colour of highlighted search snippets #ff9 (unchanged)
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