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Material Design Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

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template A versatile material design style template

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By ls

This Material template is very easy to install and use, whilst offering a multitude of customization options.

You can begin by choosing between several color themes in the style.ini file. From there on, you can fully customize the sidebar, making use of the entire material icon pack.

How it looks


Beautiful themes

different themes

Elegant editor

Screenshot of editor

The material template now sports an elegant looking editor. You can further improve it by replacing the toolbar icons found in DOKUWIKI_ROOT/lib/images/toolbar with material icons.

The toolbar can then look like the following:

Image of toolbar with material icons


Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to this guide on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.


Regularly visit the installed templates via the configuration manager in order to update this template to the latest version.

WARNING: updating overrides all changed files. That means if you edited the main.php or sidebar.php you will need to backup these or any others before upgrading.


  1. install the template
  2. navigate to the DOKUWIKI ROOT/lib/tpl/material folder
  3. open the style.ini file and scroll to the “replacements” section
  4. follow the instructions there to change the colors
  5. if you wish you can now open the sidebar.php file and change its contents to your liking
  6. and you’re set!

The template also comes with several configuration options, which you can set via the Configuration Manager.

Key Description Default
dokuwikiSidebar use the sidebar page within the wiki instead of the sidebar.php filefalse
feedbackForm add a button that allows users to give feedback true
technicalFeedbackForm technical information is included in the feedback email true
feedbackEmail the recipient Email address for the feedback
feedbackSubjectLinesubject line of the Email Feedback for Website
feedbackBody body of the Email Thank you so much for taking the time to write feedback. We really appreciate it :) \n\n [your message] \n\n\n You can ignore all the technical information below. It only helps us track down what the problem might be.
hiddenActions DokuWiki actions that are hidden backlink,top
protrudingDrawer if the drawer should stick out on the left true
subtlePagename if the title of the page should not be the focus false


If you encounter any problems or would like to see functionality added, please head over to the issue page on GitHub and submit your bug/request.

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