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googlemaps3 Plugin

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plugin Google Maps Plugin for Google Maps API Version 3

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Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


There are a number of different maps and google maps plugins available, all of which are outdated or limited in their usage, so I wrote a new one which can easily be extended should you miss a feature. This was originally based on Christopher Smith's googlemaps plugin, but with a complete overhaul, additional features, and changes in syntax.

You need to have a Google Maps API key to use this plugin (see Configuration and Settings)


  • Place one or more google maps on a wiki page
  • Set markers on the page with customized icon and popup
  • Select text, image, and directions link to show in marker popup
  • Choose language of google maps user interface
  • Customize the controls visible on the map
  • Maps and markers can be defined by latitude/longitude coordinates or address
  • Alternatively display a map with KML or GeoRSS Layers


See the plugin in action here, created with the following syntax:

<googlemaps3 address="hua hin beach" zoom="9">
address,hua hin beach,Hua Hin Beach,beach.png,Hua Hin Beach with Hilton Hotel,Directions,_media/google:hua_hin_beach.jpg

The same can be achieved with:

<googlemaps3 lat="12.57076" lng="99.96260" zoom="9">
12.57076,99.96260,Hua Hin Beach,beach.png,Hua Hin Beach with Hilton Hotel,Directions,_media/google:hua_hin_beach.jpg


<googlemaps3 lat="12.57076" lng="99.96260" zoom="9" [option="setting"]>

Map syntax

Option Setting Default Default set in
lat Latitude of map center 12.57076 Plugin1
lng Longitude of map center 99.96260 Plugin1
address Google Maps location address3 Plugin1
zoom Initial zoom level of map 0 Plugin1
type Google Map Type5 roadmap API2
width Width of map 100% style.css
height Heigth of map 500px (must be fixed height) style.css
language Language of user interface en API24
region Region Bias6 US API24
disableDefaultUI Disable all map controls 0 (false) API2
zoomControl Enable zoom control 1 (true) API2
mapTypeControl Enable map type control 1 (true) API2
scaleControl Enable scale control 1 (true) API2
streetViewControl Enable street view control 1 (true) API2
rotateControl Enable rotate control 1 (true) API2
fullscreenControl Enable fullscreen control 1 (true) API2
kml Add KML or GeoRSS layer7 off Plugin1

Table notes

  1. Default set in syntax.php where no default is set in API
  2. Default set in syntax.php corresponding to API default
  3. Map will pan to location address if given and exist after having been centered to lat/lng coordinates
  4. Default for all maps set in Plugin Configuration, can be overridden for each wiki page (must be set for first map on the page, and cannot be changed for other maps on the same page)
  5. Available map types: roadmap, hybrid, satellite, terrain
  6. Region Bias where google maps leans towards (example: location address of 'Freiburg' will center the map in Freiburg/Germany if region is set to US or DE, but will center to Freiburg/Switzerland if region is set to CH)
  7. URL to kml file which includes markers or overlays


  1. Map Option identifiers are case-sensitive
  2. coordinates and initial zoom factor are mandatory (but can be taken from default), all other options are optional

Marker syntax

lat, lng, title, icon, info, dir, img, width
Option Setting Default Shows as/in
lat Latitude of marker1 0 Marker
lng Longitude of marker1 0 Marker
title Title of marker2 Hover, Popup
icon Custom icon as image file or svg path3 Marker
info Info text4 Popup
dir Directions link text5 Popup
img Image URL6 Popup
width Width of popup7 200px Popup

Table notes

  1. Used to place the marker on the map. If lat is given as address, then lng is interpreted as address. See Examples/Usage above.
  2. The title shows when hovering over the marker, and as first line in the popup window.
  3. If icon is a
    • 'filename' with extension, then the folder path for custom marker icons is prepended and the selected custom marker is put on the map. Custom markers show on the map irrespective of the zoom level, where google maps standard markers only show on selected zoom levels.
    • 'identifier' without file extension, then it's interpreted as svg path which needs to be defined somewhere else on the page as javascript variable, for example as part of a library or template.
  4. The text can include wiki markup.
  5. This text shows in the marker popup and, when tapped or clicked, opens a new google map page with the marker location as destination
  6. If specified, then the image from the provided URL will be included in the marker popup window between title and info text.
  7. Default popup window width is specified in the plugin's style.css file, but can be overridden per marker here.


  1. You can skip options which are not needed, but you need to keep sequence and position of options. To display a marker with standard icon and popup window, for example, you would define the marker like so:
    address,hua hin beach,Hua Hin Beach,,Hua Hin Beach with Hilton Hotel
  2. The delimiter (default=',') can be configured in the plugin configuration.
  3. You can place as many markers in a map as you wish, each marker must have its own line and be the only information on that line.
  4. The googlemaps3 plugin ships with a number of custom png icons like beach.png used in Examples/Usage. I have included a simple php file which displays all icons in the package, and when hovering over an icon the icon file name is shown. Use the following URL after having installed the plugin (/lib/plugins/ must be accessible from the web):

Configuration and Settings

Google Maps API

  • Register an API Key and enable Maps JavaScript API in Enabled APIs
  • If you want to use addresses instead of coordinates you also need to enable the Geocoding API

Plugin Configuration

The following options set the plugin's behavior for your site unless overriden per map or page.

Option Purpose Default Override possible
key Google Map API key no
region Region Code Biasing US (Google Maps API) per page
language Language of Google Maps UI Browser language (Google Maps API) per page
path Path to customized icons lib/plugins/googlemaps3/icons/ yes, if empty1
delim Delimiter used for markers2 , no

Table notes

  1. Access a marker icon with 'lib/plugins/googlemaps3/icons/beach.png' instead of 'beach.png' when the path Option is set to an empty string.
  2. Change to a delimiter you do not need in any of your marker titles or popup strings.


Default plugin style sheet:

/* maps */
.googlemaps3 {
	width: 100%;
	height: 500px;
/* marker popup */
.googlemaps3.markerinfo {
	width: 200px;
	height: auto;


  • You can add 'width' and 'height' options for each map.
  • You can add 'width' option for each marker.
  • You can add CSS styles for individual maps and markers on a page. Every map and marker on the page is numerated with an ID, #googlemaps3map1..N for maps and #googlemaps3marker1..N for markers. Example: on a page with 3 maps which each has 2 markers, the 2nd Map's CSS and the 2nd Marker's CSS of that map would be styled like this:
    #googlemaps3map2 {
    	height: 400px;
    #googlemaps3marker4 {
    	width: 300px;

Change Log


  • Initial release
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