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Add New Page Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2024-02-06 "Kaos" yes
  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" yes
  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" yes
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" yes

plugin Put ‘add new page’ forms within pages, with optional namespace selection

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Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


This plugin allows you to add new-page forms to wiki pages, so that users can simply enter the title of a new page and go straight to the editing form (rather than first creating a link to the page, or typing the URL directly).

The target namespace for the new page can either be selected from a drop-down list in the new-page form, or specified in the form syntax. Only namespaces to which the user is permitted to write are shown.

The plugin can pair with the newpagetemplate Plugin to start with a predefined template instead of an empty page.

The form submit button is disabled if there is no text in the title field.


Put {{NEWPAGE}} anywhere in a wiki page to get a new-page-title text entry box, and a namespace selection drop-down menu. More details in the Syntax section below.


The default form has a drop-down with all namespaces of the wiki and a text field for the pagename.
{{NEWPAGE>test}} with configuration option “Hide namespace selection” enabled.
{{NEWPAGE>test}} with configuration option “Hide namespace selection” disabled.
Parent namespaces are greyed-out where the user has no access to add pages.



The basic syntax is:


Or, to specify a namespace:


Where namespace is the target namespace for the new page. When this is specified, the namespace selection box can either be hidden (which it is by default) or set to show only sub-namespaces of the given one. This is configured in the main wiki configuration manager. If @PAGE@ (or @NS@) is given, the current page ID (or its namespace) will be used (e.g. for use in namespace templates; see below).

Creating a namespace

It is possible to use the @INPUT@ placeholder to reference the user's input in the namespace specification. For example,


will create a new namespace within the foo namespace.

Date/time-based naming

The plugin supports usage of strftime placeholders in the namespace config. This allows adding date elements to the namespace specification


When used together with the autopage option to hide the input field, a daily page can be created with a single button click:


Configuration overrides

It is possible to override the plugin's configuration for a single usage of the syntax, by specifying a ? followed by the config's name with an optional no prefix to negate it. Values for non-boolean configs can be provided with =, separated by ;. Multiple overrides can be given, separated by , or &.

General syntax:



  • overwrite the default hide setting
  • custom namespace exclusion and hide root

New-page templates

This plugin is also compatible with the newpagetemplate plugin (note that this is a separate feature to the namespace templates described below). To specify a template to be used with the new page, use one of the following syntaxes:

{{NEWPAGE#newtpl}} Use the newtpl template
{{NEWPAGE#newtpl1,newtpl2}} Present a drop-down list of newtpl1 and
newtpl2, allowing the user to choose one
{{NEWPAGE#newtpl1|Title One,newtpl2|Title Two}} The same as above, but with nicer titles

In all of these, the basic >namespace syntax can be included before the hash # character.

Multiple occurences

The {{NEWPAGE}} syntax may be added multiple times on the same page.

Site templates

To include an add-new-page form in a Site Template, use the following line:

<?php echo p_render('xhtml',p_get_instructions('{{NEWPAGE}}'),$info) ?>	

Namespace Templates

Add-new-page forms can also be added to Namespace Templates. The replacement patterns @ID@ and @NS@ can be used in the plugin's namespace parameter.

Configuration and Settings

You can configure the plugin in the Config Manager of DokuWiki. There are four settings:

  1. Excluded namespaces (exclude) — A semicolon-separated list of namespaces that should be excluded from the namespace selection list. Default: wiki;playground.
  2. Show root namespace (showroot) — Whether to show the wiki's root namespace in the namespace selection list. Default: true.
  3. Hide namespace selection (hide) — Hide the namespace selection list. Only applies if a namespace is given (see above). Default: true.
  4. Hide “access denied” message (hideACL) — Do not show the “You are not allowed to add pages” message when the user doesn't have permission to create pages. Default: false (i.e. do show the message).
  5. Hide the input box (autopage) — The preconfigured namespace is treated as a full page ID. Use with date placeholders). Default: false.


Why is a privileged user not allowed to add pages?

Logged in as administrator, why do I get a You are not allowed to add pages error message ?

This is a known problem, caused by caching. As a workaround, add ~~NOCACHE~~ to the page that contains the form.

Addnewpage form on the admin page?

Is there a possibility to add the plugin as a part of the admin page, like the plugins pagemove or upgrade?

Not currently, but this can be done by modifying your template and including the addnewpage form only when $ACT=='admin'

More than one form per page?

Is it possible to have more than one new-page form on a page?

Yes. Nothing special needs to be done to permit this, just add the markup wherever you want the forms to appear.

Can the textbox be pre-populated with a value? Specifically, the ID variable? (Trying to have a user search for a page, then use this plugin to create the page if they don't find what they're looking for...)

How can a add_page form add in the site template automaticaly? Where to place the php statements?


Issues and feature requests

Please report all bugs and feature requests through the issue-tracking system on Github.

Items of general interest should be added to the FAQ above.


Recent commits

Full Git log.

Legacy releases

Before development moved to Github

  • 2008-01-10: New zip file with some correction (the submit bug in IE, the namespace “.”) and all new language are added
  • 2007-05-19: Portuguese language definitions added for completely hide NEWPAGE by GibaPhp
  • 2007-01-21: Can configure if you want to add some message about rights or completely hide NEWPAGE
  • 2007-01-21: Now support ACL (thanks to 66[dot]7[dot]118[dot]82)
  • 2007-01-13: Add new functionality with the syntax {{NEWPAGE[>namespace]}} (thanks to Martin)
  • 2007-01-12: Remove 4 invisible hex chars in script.js, adding Italian and Russian (incomplete)
  • 2007-01-11: Fix encoding problem (with old noaccent function)
  • 2006-12-20: New Release, old version [used to be] at plugin:addnewpage_old

When this plugin was 'addnewpage_old'

  • 2006-11-14: Fixed: bug with new dokuwiki version. Added italian language file.
  • 2006-07-05: Fixed: Zip file is now ok. Added: Russian language file.
  • 2006-06-20 : Fixed: Problem with the empty select box, Added: Multilanguage Support; Root Namespace (see Kibi's comment); The selected line is now the same as the current namespace (see Kibi's comment);

History / Credits

The plugin was originally written by Benjamin Santalucia (aka iDo) in 2006. It was forked after the 2009-02-14 release of Dokuwiki, and moved to GitHub by Robert McLeod in 2012. Refer to the Legacy Releases section for details on what happened in those early, pre-GitHub years.

In 2013, Sam Wilson picked up the plugin's maintenance and actively supported it until he stopped using DokuWiki at the end of 2016. During this time, he merged several improvements and fixes contributed by these fine people:

  • Michael Braun
  • Róbert Toth (FurloSK)
  • Gerrit Uitslag (Klap-in) added support for newpagetemplate plugin in 2014
  • Albert Chern, disabling of restricted parent namespaces in 2015

In May 2023, Damien Regad decided to take over the plugin's maintenance.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this plugin over the years.

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