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Sugar Plugin

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plugin Providing hyperlink references to Sugar CRM

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Then go to the sugar section on the configuration page and set correctly the sugar_base_url parameter

Syntax and Usage

Simply use one of the three keywords below and add the SugarCRM “record id” of the element you want to link:

  * ~~SugarAccount:e1bbce41-037f-5262-a5c4-47f3c6dfd55d~~
  * ~~SugarContact:22b06a45-b1c6-c3fc-9b60-4bde7b7f2302~~
  * ~~SugarOpportunity:1f25f660-64c6-251f-f759-4bbd9df25df8~~ 

This will create the following html code:

<li class="level1"><div class="li"> 
<a href=";module=Accounts&amp;record=e1bbce41-037f-5262-a5c4-47f3c6dfd55d" class="urlextern" title=";module=Accounts&amp;record=e1bbce41-037f-5262-a5c4-47f3c6dfd55d"  rel="nofollow">SugarCRM Account #e1bbce41-037f-5262-a5c4-47f3c6dfd55d</a>
<li class="level1"><div class="li"> 
<a href=";module=Contacts&amp;record=22b06a45-b1c6-c3fc-9b60-4bde7b7f2302" class="urlextern" title=";module=Contacts&amp;record=22b06a45-b1c6-c3fc-9b60-4bde7b7f2302"  rel="nofollow">SugarCRM Contact #22b06a45-b1c6-c3fc-9b60-4bde7b7f2302</a>
<li class="level1"><div class="li"> 
<a href=";module=Opportunities&amp;record=1f25f660-64c6-251f-f759-4bbd9df25df8" class="urlextern" title=";module=Opportunities&amp;record=1f25f660-64c6-251f-f759-4bbd9df25df8"  rel="nofollow">SugarCRM Opportunity # 1f25f660-64c6-251f-f759-4bbd9df25df8</a>

And this will appear like this on your page:

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