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lisps Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

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template Modification of the default DokuWiki template (sidebar, pagetools, gaps)

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Conflicts with
ckgedit, fckg

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to dokuwiki, greensteel

Tagged with dokuwiki, sidebar

By lisps

Changes to dokuwiki-template:

  • add permalink
  • max page size 1024px
  • sidebar smaller
  • sidebar hidable
  • sidebar scrolls as well
  • non-user-sidebar, user-default-sidebar, user-sidebar
  • move actions from top to pagetools
  • increase searchform size
  • add save button to pagetools when in editing mode

Download the latest version of this template from:

:!: CAUTION: When editing DokuWiki pages within the “lisps” template, there appears a “Save” button in the pagetools (to the right of the page in the template… NOT the editor). When using the standard DokuWiki editor (DW Editor), this “Save” button functions as expected. However, when using ckgedit or fckg as the editor, clicking the “Save” button from the template will delete the information from the edited page… leaving it containing only the word “False”.

Download and Install

To download use the link in the header above

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in Dokuwiki.

Using the Sidebar

The template looks for 3 sidebars

  • non-user-sidebar sidebar
  • user-default-sidebar user:sidebar
  • user-sidebar user:<username>:sidebar

to allow each user to have its own sidebar add the following line to conf/acl.auth.php

user:%USER%:*	@user	16

The following constants will be replaced inside the sidebar

  • _USERNAME_: display-name
  • _CLIENTNAME_: username
  • _PAGEID_: current pageid

Usefull link inside the user-default-sidebar and user-sidebar:

<sup>[[user:_CLIENTNAME_:sidebar?do=edit|edit sidebar]]</sup>

Sites using this Template

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