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monobook for DokuWiki

Compatible with DokuWiki

Lemming, Anteater, Rincewind, Angua, Adora Belle, Weatherwax, Binky, Hrun

template MediaWiki/Wikipedia look and feel for DokuWiki (traditional)

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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“monobook” brings you the traditional1) MediaWiki/Wikipedia look and feel for DokuWiki.

There are some things you'll find in this template that you won't find in most other templates, and are inspired by Wikipedia and MediaWiki. Some features:

  • Discussions
    Configurable discussion pages without requiring an additional plugin.
  • User pages
    Users can have their own home page on your wiki.
  • Cite this Article
    Allows students, journalists, researchers, and the like to easily reference articles on your site.
  • Permanent Link
    Guarantees that articles you link to are the same as you saw them that second you link them.
  • Automatic plugin integration
    monobook automatically detects and uses some popular, optionally installed plugins. Therefore you don't have to insert any code snippets or stuff when using: Translation, Open Office Export2), html2pdf3)
  • All non-page portions (e.g. navigation) of the template can be edited just as if they were pages. How cool is that? 8-)


:!: If you like the template, you might want to donate a few bucks, or get some cool QR Code generator merchandise. It is a lot of work. Thank you! :-)

Latest release

Version 2014-02-09
Download 2014-02-09_monobook.tar.gz
  • Note for existing users: Since 2014-02-09, there is no separate update .tar.gz anymore. The current archive is used for both install and update now. Instead of providing a separate update archive without the /user sub-directory, all example files in /user are delivered with the .dist extensions now to make sure your files won't get overwritten. This should be easier an more DokuWiki-like than the previous approach.
Important release notes for 2014-02-09
  • :!: Fixed a major bug, the configuration option were un-savable on DokuWiki 2013-12-08 “Binky” (cf. Issue 5).
  • Full support for DokuWiki 2013-12-08 “Binky”.
  • There is no separate update archive anymore.
Important release notes for 2013-11-17
  • Full support for DokuWiki rc2013-10-28 “Binky”.

Repository (for developers)

The source code of this template is available as Git repository.

Verify download (for geeks)

See CHECKSUMS.asc for MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums. The file is signed with the GnuPG/PGP key (0x423B2839). You can use gpg --verify ./CHECKSUMS.asc to check/validate it.


  1. Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki. For updating, see below.
  2. Configure the place-holders. Have a look at “What are these "Please fill or disable this placeholder ([pagename])" everywhere?” to get help.


If you need help:

If you found nothing helpful, ask your question at the DokuWiki forum (preferred) or IRC channel.


If you think you have found a bug or have a useful idea (a.k.a. “feature request”), create an issue on GitHub (preferred), or contact us by mail.

Feel free to submit patches as GitHub pull requests (preferred) or by mail as well. However, please try to respect the DokuWiki coding style as this template follows its rules.


January 2010: This template is a complete rewrite of the no longer supported monobook by Terence J. Grant and will be maintained by Andreas Haerter from ARSAVA in the future. That is why you will find two different update descriptions below. Have a look at “How can I check which version is currently installed?” if you don't know which version you are currently using.

I am using a version newer or equal 2010-01-12 by Andreas Haerter - What to do to ?

  1. Backup your data, especially /lib/tpl/monobook. But don't be scared. It is not rocket science.
  2. Download the current version from above.
  3. Simply uncompress and copy it over your current /lib/tpl/monobook. This works without problems when you follow the rules described in the README (⇒ the place for *all* user-defined, custom stuff is /lib/tpl/monobook/user!) because previously existing files in /lib/tpl/monobook/user will not be touched or overwritten.4)
  4. Recommended: Also update the plugins Translation, Open Office Export, dw2pdf and html2pdf if you are using one ore more of them. :!: This is especially important regarding Translation (some older versions may cause problems and/or results are looking badly).
  5. Have fun and think about a small donation :-).
  6. Here is a list of files that were removed in recent releases. They do no harm, but you should delete them to keep your installation clean and tidy:
    #removed in 2014-02-09
    #removed in 2011-11-29
    #removed in 2011-03-16

I am using a version before 2010-01-12 by Terence J. Grant - What to do?

Why should I update? What is new?
  • There will be no more updates for versions by Terence J. Grant.
  • No additional plugins needed, also Display Wiki Page is not required anymore.
  • Mediamanager, Link wizard and other new features are working.
  • No problems regarding SSL/TLS/HTTPS loading unencrypted content, nothing comes from
  • Usage of DokuWiki's style.ini leading to much smaller style sheets and less HTTP requests.
  • Bugfixes and support for the newest DokuWiki syntax. Compare the rendered :wiki:syntax page (before/after).
If you DO NOT have user-defined/own styles in use...

…you're lucky. An update should be done within minutes:

  1. Backup your data, especially /lib/tpl/monobook. But don't be scared. It is no rocket science.
  2. :!: Check if you run DokuWiki ver. 2009-12-25 “Lemming” or newer (older ones do NOT work). If not, update DokuWiki first.
  3. Take your time to read all listed instructions here. If there is something you don't understand, ask before updating.
  4. Go to the DokuWiki Config Manager and set the template option to “default” or another installed template.
    :!: Don't worry if “monobook” was/is the only available template: you can update without problems, but your Wiki can't work normally until the update is finished.
  5. Rename
    This directory will be deleted later, we do this for easier data migration.
    :!: Your DokuWiki will be unreachable after renaming if you did not configure DokuWiki to use another template as mentioned above… don't panic, everything should work when the update is finished! ;-)
  6. Download the newest release of monobook for DokuWiki and install as described. After this, the following directories should exist:
    • /lib/tpl/monobook (the new monobook by Andreas Haerter)
    • /lib/tpl/monobook_old (the old monobook by Terence J. Grant)
  7. Go to the DokuWiki Config Manager, set the template option to “monobook” and reconfigure the monobook template options as appreciated. Please note that compress (“Compact CSS and JavaScript output”… don't confuse with the compression option) is now compatible with monobook and should be enabled for better performance and less traffic.
  8. If you used an own logo (normally /lib/tpl/monobook_old/user/logo.[png|gif|jpg]) copy it as logo.[png|gif|jpg] into /lib/tpl/monobook/user/. The template recognizes the file automatically and will use it instead of the default logo.
  9. If you used an own favicon (normally /lib/tpl/monobook_old/user/favicon.ico) copy it to /lib/tpl/monobook/user/favicon.ico. The template recognizes the file automatically and will use it instead of the default favicon.
  10. Empty your browser's cache and call your DokuWiki with your browser. If everything looks fine, delete /lib/tpl/monobook_old/ (but make sure you really backed up the date before upgrading, maybe you done some modification you can't remember now but in a few days…).
  11. You may uninstall the Display Wiki Page plugin if not needed by another plugin or template. “monobook” does not need this anymore.
  12. Have fun and think about a small donation :-).
If you HAVE user-defined/own styles in use...

…there may be some more work to do. Basically it should work as described above, but you may have to figure out which of your own styles located in /lib/tpl/monobook_old/Common.css and/or /lib/tpl/monobook_old/Monobook.css are still needed. If the styles were just bugfixes (e.g. making Linkwizard/Icons work), you should not need them anymore5).

Otherwise look at the README after downloading the template. There is described where to put own CSS6). In most cases, your CSS should work when copied into the user-CSS-files – if not, check if some XHTML-element-IDs may changed and edit. If you need help editing your CSS, ask the forums


What are these "Please fill or disable this placeholder ([pagename])" everywhere?

The template optionally imports normal wiki pages and shows their content as

  • navigation
  • toolbox
  • global, sidewide notice
  • copyright note (off by default, default is the common copyright note by DokuWiki)

This means you can create the page mentioned in the “Please fill or disable this placeholder” message (e.g. “:wiki:navigation”) and its content will be shown instead of the message. All of these placeholders are configurable. Have a look at the DokuWiki admin section:

  • Show site wide notice?
  • If yes, use following wiki page for the site wide notice:
  • Show navigation?
  • If yes, use following wiki page as navigation:
  • Show copyright notice?
  • If yes, use default copyright notice?
  • If not default, use following wiki page as copyright notice:
  • Show toolbox?
  • If yes, use default toolbox?
  • If not default, use following wiki page as toolbox location:

How can I check which version is currently installed?

Simply have a look at lib/tpl/monobook/VERSION. This is a textfile containing the version you are using (e.g. 2010-06-02). If there is no VERSION file, you are running the no longer supported monobook by Terence J. Grant. Have a look at the update notes to get a maintained version.

How to change the logo/favicon/tabs/boxes[...]?

How can I hide the edit tab and boxes until users are logged in?

Go to the DokuWiki admin section and have a look at the following option (introduced in monobook version 2010-06-29):

  • Closed wiki (most links/tabs/boxes are hidden until user is logged in)?

How I can disable some of the options in the toolbox sidebar when the user is not registered?

Is the template compatible to the Discussion plugin?

Short answer: yes. The template brings support for basic discussion pages without the need to install any additional plugin. However, if you are interested to use the Discussion plugin (which allows threaded replies, avatars, captcha and other controls at the bottom of the wikipage instead of a separated basic discussionpage), simply install it and deactivate the template option “Use discussion tabs/sites?” at the DokuWiki admin section.

The insitu JS footnotes are displayed at the wrong position. Why don't you fix this?

Even if the footnotes may work as expected in some other templates, the wrong insitu footnote popup position is not a template but a DokuWiki 2010-11-07 “Anteater” issue (see Bug 2114). All templates with relative positioning are affected. This bug is fixed since DokuWiki 2011-04-22 “Rincewind RC1”. If you update your DokuWiki installation, the problem should be gone.

Browser compatibility

The template should be compatible with all modern browsers:

  • Firefox ≥ 3
  • Opera ≥ 10
  • Safari ≥ 4, Chrome ≥ 1 and other newer Webkit based browsers.
  • MS Internet Explorer ≥ 7

Please note:

  • MS Internet Explorer 6 is also supported in general, there are only some cosmetic issues at the admin menu. These issues do not affect normal wiki pages. The new Media Manager (introduced with DokuWiki 2011-11-10 “Angua RC1”) does not work with IE6.
  • I can't test every browser (version) out there. Therefore it does not mean the template does not work if your browser is not listed above. Just try it out if you want to be sure.


Have a look at the README. Everything regarding

  • own logo
  • own favicon
  • own CSS
  • own JavaScript
  • own CSS, language specific
  • own Apple Touch Icon (apple-touch-icon.png)
  • own tabs
  • own buttons/icons (footer)
  • own boxes (left-column)

is described there.

For the ones who are never reading READMEs:

  • :!: The place for all user-defined, custom stuff is “monobook/user”. Reason: this folder will not be touched on updates.
  • :!: If you want to replace the default logo showed in the upper left, simply create a /monobook/user/logo.[png|gif|jpg]. The template recognizes the file automatically and will use it instead of the default logo.
  • :!: If you want to add own tabs, have a look at /monobook/user/tabs.php (NOT /monobook/conf/tabs.php).
  • :!: If you want to add own buttons (footer), have a look at /monobook/user/buttons.php (NOT /monobook/conf/buttons.php).
  • :!: If you want to add own boxes (left-column), have a look at /monobook/user/boxes.php (NOT /monobook/conf/boxes.php).

If one of the files within /monobook/user/ does not exist7), just take the missing files from the newest installation archive and copy them into /monobook/user/.

Custom tab examples

…to insert into /monobook/user/tabs.php (NOT /monobook/conf/tabs.php).8)

Recent Changes

//Recent Changes (thanks to Stefan Riemer for this)
//To get some space between this and the other tabs, you may add the following
//additional CSS to /monobook/user/screen.css:
//  li#tab-recent {
//    margin-left: 1.6em;
//  }
if (!empty($conf["recent_days"])){     
    $_monobook_tabs["tab-recent"]["text"]     = $lang["btn_recent"]; //language comes from DokuWiki core
    $_monobook_tabs["tab-recent"]["href"]     = wl("", array("do" => "recent"), false, "&");
    $_monobook_tabs["tab-recent"]["nofollow"] = true;

Custom box examples

…to insert into /monobook/user/boxes.php (NOT /monobook/conf/boxes.php).9)

Support for pdfbook plugin

To support BookCreator plugin, use this code:

//To add support for bookcreator plugin
$_monobook_boxes["bookcreator"]["headline"] = "Create book";
$_monobook_boxes["bookcreator"]["xhtml"] =  "        <ul>\n"
                                         ."          <li id=\"tb-bookcreator\"><a href=\"".wl(cleanID(getID()), array("do" => "addtobook"))."\" rel=\"nofollow\">".hsc('Add/Remove page')."</a></li>\n"
                                         ."          <li id=\"tb-bookcreator\"><a href=\"".wl('wiki:ebook')."\" rel=\"nofollow\">".hsc('Show selection')."</a></li>\n"
                                         ."        </ul>";

mluigi 2010/04/01 17:12

Recent changes and the "listeabo" plugin

To add “recent changes” and the plugin "listeabo": added in lang.php


$lang['monobook_changes'] = "Recent changes";
$lang['monobook_listeabo'] = "List with subscribtions";


$lang['monobook_changes'] = "Recent gewijzigd";
$lang['monobook_listeabo'] = "Lijst met inschrijvingen";

And the following in user/boxes.php

$_monobook_boxes["Addition"]["headline"] = "TITLE";
$_monobook_boxes["Addition"]["xhtml"] =  "<ul>\n"
                                      // added recent changes 
                                      ."          <li><a href=\"".DOKU_BASE."doku.php?do=recent"."\" rel=\"nofollow\">".hsc($lang["monobook_changes"])."</a></li>\n"
                                      // added listabo
                                      ."          <li><a href=\"".DOKU_BASE."doku.php?do=listeabo"."\" rel=\"nofollow\">".hsc($lang["monobook_listeabo"])."</a></li>\n"

Theo Klein 2010/02/18 11:09

Hacks for /user/screen.css

…to insert into /monobook/user/screen.css (NOT /monobook/static/css/screen.css).10)

Open /user/screen.css and insert:

div.dokuwiki a.wikilink1:link{
  color: #006600 !important;
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink1:visited { 
  color: #009933 !important; 
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink1:hover { 
  color: #006600 !important; 

Simply replace the colors with a value you like (thanks to Theo for this).

Wider sidebar / more space for left column

Open /user/screen.css and insert:

/* Give sidebar more space.
   Default widths:
   - 12.2em as left spacer for the content area. This example is using 14.2em
   - 11.6em as sidebar width. This example is using 13.6em instead.
   - 10.9em as width for the search input field. This example is using 12.9em
   - 150px as left spacer for the Ajax searchbox. This example is using 180px.
/* move content container more to the right */
#content {
  margin: 2.8em 0 0 14.2em;
#column-content {
  margin: 0 0 .6em -14.2em;
#column-content #content {
  margin-left: 14.2em !important; /* adjustment for  IE (7) */
/* redefine sidebar width + tab bar position */
.portlet {
  width: 13.6em;
#p-cactions {
  left: 13.6em; /* tab bar */
/* search input field */
#qsearch__in {
  width: 12.9em;
/* ajax "matching pagename" searchbox */
#qsearch__out {
  left: 180px

Thanks to SteRe for this.

Own background image

Store your background image as /user/background.jpg, open /user/screen.css and insert:

html {
  background-color: #f9f9f9;
body {
  background: #f9f9f9 url(user/background.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat;

If needed, replace the color #f9f9f9 with a value fitting your needs.

Ajax Quicksearch: show results in sidebar

:!: ATTENTION: This hack needs monobook version 2010-05-29 or newer! Older ones do not work!

Little intro: before I began using the monobook template I used dokubrick, this had a different quicksearch, integrating it into the right side menu. In monobook I didn't like the quicksearch, that little screen floating over the text… So I made an alteration, integrating it into the left side of monobook. To do this you need open /user/screen.css and insert:

#qsearch__out {
  position: static !important;
  font-size: 85% !important;
  background: __background__ !important;
  margin-top: 0 !important;
  margin-bottom: 0.5em;
  width: 12.2em;
  display: none;
  border: 1px solid #aaa;
  padding: 0 .8em .3em .5em;


Preserve whitespace (multiple spaces, tabs) within ''Code Text''

Open /user/screen.css and insert:

div#content .dokuwiki code {
  white-space: pre;

Custom background color (content area)

Open /user/screen.css and insert:

/* background color of normal wiki pages */
.ns-0 #content,
.ns-0 #p-cactions li,
.ns-0 #p-cactions li a,
.ns-0 #p-cactions .selected,
.ns-0 #p-cactions .selected a,
.ns-0 #p-cactions .selected span {
   background: #F8FCFF;
/* background color of "special" wiki pages (e.g. edit, discussion, cite...) */
.ns-1 #content,
.ns-1 #p-cactions li,
.ns-1 #p-cactions li a,
.ns-2 #content,
.ns-2 #p-cactions li,
.ns-2 #p-cactions li a {
   background: #F8FCFF;
/*  background color of Tabs while hover */
.ns-0 #p-cactions li a:hover,
.ns-0 #p-cactions .selected a:hover,
.ns-1 #p-cactions li a:hover,
.ns-2 #p-cactions li a:hover {
   background: #C5E6FF;
/*  background color of Sitebar Boxes */
.pBody {
    background-color: #FFEDDF;
/* background  color of Sitebar Searbox */
#p-search .pBody {
    background-color: #FFDFE1;

If needed, replace the colors #F8FCFF, #C5E6FF, #FFEDDF and/or #FFDFE1 with values fitting your needs. Thanks to marsmond for idea and initial work.

Custom background color (TOC)

Open /user/screen.css and insert:

/* TOC and TOC header background */
div.dokuwiki div.tocheader,
div.dokuwiki span.toc_open,
div.dokuwiki span.toc_close,
div.dokuwiki #toc__inside {
  background-color: #FF0000;
div.dokuwiki span.toc_open,
div.dokuwiki span.toc_close {
  border-color: #FF0000 !important;
/* TOC header: css arrow */
div.dokuwiki span.toc_open {
  border-top-color: #AA00FF !important;
div.dokuwiki span.toc_close {
  border-bottom-color: #AA00FF !important;

Replace the colors #FF0000and/or #AA00FF with values fitting your needs for the table of contents (TOC). You can strip the “TOC header: css arrow” if you won't change the arrow color.

Custom background color (code blocks)

Open /user/screen.css and insert:

/* <code> and <file> blocks */
div#content .dokuwiki pre.code,
div#content .dokuwiki pre.file {
  background-color: #AA00FF;
/* tab of <file> block */
div#content .dokuwiki dl.file dt,
div#content .dokuwiki dl.code dt {
  background-color: #AA00FF;
  border-color: #AA00FF;

Replace the color #AA00FF with a values fitting your needs.

Mobile Browsing Fix

I had a problem where after making some adjustments the Wiki basically was not viewable via mobile. I found an easy fix for this by adjusting one number in the template.

Using FTP find echo “<meta name=\”viewport\“ content=\”width=device-width,initial-scale=1\“ />”; and change the scale to .25. This fixed the problem with me and now the site looks somewhat normal via mobile.

You, sir, win the internets for the mobile browsing fix.

Version history

Older releases are no longer recommended for usage and are listed for reference only.

monobook version Download Designed for and tested on DokuWiki Release notes and comments
2014-02-09 Release
No update archive anymore, the new tar.gz is used for both install and update.
2013-12-08 “Binky”,
2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”
:!: Fixed bug, un-savable configuration on 2013-12-08 “Binky”; Full support for DokuWiki 2013-12-08 “Binky”; Update support and contact information.
2013-11-17 Release
rc2013-10-28 “Binky”,
2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”
Full support for DokuWiki rc2013-10-28 “Binky”; Add Korean and Chinese (simplified) language files; Update support and contact information.
2013-02-20 Release
2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”,
2012-01-25b “Angua”
Added Chinese (as used in Taiwan) language.
2012-10-17 Release
2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”,
2012-01-25b “Angua”
Small improvements: better SSL/HTTPS handling for the QR Code feature; fixed XHTML error (id-conflict).
2012-10-14 Release
2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”,
2012-01-25b “Angua”
Full support for DokuWiki 2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”; :!: New option: monobook_qrcodebox (controls if a box with a QR Code of current wiki page URL will be shown in the sidebar); Multilingual side-wide and copyright notices for Translation plugin users (cf. commit message).
2011-12-10 Release
rc2011-11-10 “Angua RC1”,
2011-05-25a “Rincewind”
Added fix for wrong horizontal rule clearing (---- / <hr>-Tag)
2011-11-29 Release
rc2011-11-10 “Angua RC1”,
2011-05-25a “Rincewind”
:!: Full support for DokuWiki's new Media Manager; :!: Multilingual navigation for Translation plugin users; Apple Touch Icon support (see README for details).
2011-05-10 Release
rc2011-05-08 “Rincewind RC2”,
2010-11-07 “Anteater”,
2009-12-25 “Lemming”
Cross browser compatibility fixes.
2011-05-04 Release
rc2011-04-22 “Rincewind RC1”,
2010-11-07 “Anteater”,
2009-12-25 “Lemming”
Improved media manager, added Russian and Esperanto language, hide breadcrumbs in mediamanager.
2011-03-17 Release
2010-11-07 “Anteater”,
2009-12-25 “Lemming”
Added Polish language, plugin compatibility improvements (CSS): bureaucracy and some others.
2011-03-16 Release
2010-11-07 “Anteater”,
2009-12-25 “Lemming”
Improved Anteater compatibility; Switched css base from 'default' template to 'starter' template (→ reason).
2010-08-17 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” Added /user/tracker.php to make web analytics software integration easier; CSS fixes for lists and TOC; some minor bugfixes.
2010-06-29 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” New config options (user pages optional, :!: closed wiki - most tabs/boxes will be hidden until user is logged in if active). :!: Template respects $conf['disableactions']. :!: Improved translation plugin integration (now placed at sidebar). Language names are taken from title attribute (→ introduced in newer plugin versions), so you may have to update the plugin for best optical results. Support for PNG favicon. Many many improvements.
2010-06-02 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” Added Spanish language, fixed Italian language (settings), added workaround for “jumping textarea” in MSIE8.
2010-05-29 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” Added Dutch language, added Brazilian Portuguese language, TOC position now configurable, removed “access denied” messages for included pages, some bugfixes.
2010-01-20 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” Added Norwegian language, updated Japanese and French language, added workaround for PHP Bug #49692.
2010-01-19 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” Configurable boxes (left column), optional “full screen” media manager (see config), Japanese language, some bugfixes.
2010-01-13 Release
2009-12-25 “Lemming” Configurable footer buttons, Italian language, some bugfixes.
2010-01-12 Release 2009-12-25 “Lemming” First version released by new maintainer (Andreas Haerter), rewrite of the no longer maintained monobook by Terence J. Grant.
Pre 2010-01-12 ≤ 2009-02-14 All older versions were maintained and developed by Terence J. Grant. There will be no more support for them, please follow the update instructions to get a supported version. If you have to run a DokuWiki version older than 2009-12-25 “Lemming” (for whatever reason) and therefore still have to use an outdated monobook version, the archived legacy monobook content may be interesting.

Latest changes


  • If your user/print.css is not being loaded, see here. Possibly a bug in main.php similar to this one. — iolsmit 2015-03-19 17:43
  • WARNING! This template, by default, sends the URLs of your wiki pages to a third party (the current maintainer of the template). If you do not want that, disable the use of QR codes in monobook/conf/default.php. I consider this a severe privacy issue. — kp 2015-07-24 23:32
    • If you consider this a “severe privacy issue”, you should warn about every jQuery Google CDN usage in other templates or plugins instead. Our API does NOT STORE the request contents in ANY WAY (unlike e.g. Google's chart API does). The probably most important thing for and monobook users is the fact that we won't store or log QR code contents and HTTPS is used if your wiki is also using HTTPs.
      The log files of our QR code API servers only store that an API request happened for (D)DOS protection, not what content was requested (=request uri does not get logged). The QR code API (= the programming interface provided and used by us at does not even use Cookies! The QR code image / symbol will be deleted ~30 seconds after delivery from the cache and is not permanently stored. Please see the summary of our privacy statement at — Andreas 2015-07-25 18:45
      • Attacking Google, other authors or users (me) doesn't make your actions any more acceptable in my eyes. If anything, it casts you in bad light. You're pushing adware/malware here, from my perspective. You can say whatever you like about your security practices, I must not believe you because I can't take you to court if you break your promises. Let's pretend that Google had all my data anyway – that wouldn't make me any more willing to give it to anyone else. — kp 2015-07-26 01:02
        • You are right about the technical view: not every user is able to understand what a) a Referer is and b) that an external QR code containing the page's URL has to get the data from somewhere. I will redesign the options description. I understand your argument 100% and I should make it more transparent, that an external image containing the URL may be unacceptable. Maybe I'll include a lib which creates the QR code locally regardless of the bloat, the template has to get a (responsive) rewrite anyway.
          BUT: you attack me and not the other way round. What upsets me is your inappropriate behaviour and word choice. Asserting bad behaviour of our API and inferior motives only because I implemented an IMHO useful and optional feature (Opt-Out but optional). Malware? Seriously? Unacceptable actions? What about contacting me or posting here discussion your point of view without a bold WARNING?! What do you expect? If you think your project is important enough not to trust me, don't use my software. It is that simple. Open Source or not (or did you review every line of code?).

          I named Google because it is a joke to blame the QR code feature submitting URLs (!=page contents, even I have to admit a URL may contain senstive data) to an API which is controlled by the same guys who wrote the template including running the API with proper privacy in mind. Especially when there are tons of DokuWiki Plugins and templates with external resources, submitting your URLs by Referer.
          Projects which have to care about their URLs have to review the software behaviour anyway to make sure there are no external parts the browser is loading, an this is one reason why the QR code feature is optional (so people can easily disable it) beside many users just don't like the visual appearance. Do you really plan to put words like “Warning” on every project page with external resources? If not, why blaming my project without discussing how to do it better first?
          So I will rethink the behaviour. As I can remember, there was some discussion about the Popularity plugin (for the very same reason – URL(s) of the Wiki should kept private from because it was Opt-Out until three(?) years ago. But I fear with an Opt-In, many users will not see how useful QR codes can be. So as a first conclusion, a local QR code generation would be the best solution. But please stop damage on my personal reputation by calling me a malware author before even talking to me. Seriously. — Andreas 2015-07-26 23:04
        • @kp: after discussing the issue within out team: I'll try to release an updated version with at least a good notice and/or local QR code creation within the next two weeks. — Andreas 2015-07-28 17:16


All versions >=2010-01-12 are heavily inspired and partially based on the great work done by Terence J. Grant. He developed the template from 2006 until the end of 2009 but did not have enough time to maintain it any longer. Thank you for your work and your ideas! :-)

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