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This page contains a summary of changes between the official DokuWiki releases. Only the biggest changes are listed here. A complete and detailed log of all changes is available through the GitHub Repository Browser.

Changelogs for releases older than the ones listed here are available at Old Changes. Plugin and template developers should read and subscribe to the detailed change log.

There is some information regarding the upgrade-process.

Changes marked with :!: need some attention on upgrading!

Next Release: Igor

  • Fix various errors in PHP8 support
  • Drop support for PHP versions earlier than 7.2
  • SVG-based smileys replace GIF versions
  • Allow “revert” action for logged in users only
  • Various translation updates
  • Add a class .logo to the h1 title to let administrators remove the h1 around the logo
  • Use Slika library for image resizing and cropping, with:
    • auto rotation based on EXIF tags
    • support for WEBP
  • Refactored logging mechanism 3230, 3203 and logviewer
  • Refactored media manager 3372 and lazy loading of images
  • Support for SVG images

Release 2020-07-29 “Hogfather”

  • Lots of internal refactoring to make the code base more modern and robust. You can read a bit more on the background here.
  • Defer the loading of JavaScript to improve initial page loads :!: (Some plugins needs to temporary disable the defer_js feature flag)
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility and some preparations for the upcoming PHP8
  • New trustedproxy setting for installations behind a reverse proxy :!:
  • New command line script for managing extensions
  • RSS Feed can now show new items only
  • A whole ton of smaller bug fixes and improvements
  • Lots of translation upgrades

:!: Note: because of various internal changes, not all plugins or templates may be compatible with this release. It is recommended to check the documentation of the plugins you use before upgrading. As always a backup is recommended before upgrading. :!:

Please also read:

And please also ;

  • Search the Forum when you encounter problems, chances are high that there are already solutions available
  • If you have no clue where the issue originates, check the log files of your webserver.

Release 2018-04-22c “Greebo”

  • This release requires PHP 5.6 at least! (Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not support beyond PHP 5.5)
  • PHP 7.2 Support and improvements for PHP 7.3 support
  • New form on search page with more search tools :!: Plugins which modified that page may need adjustments, e.g. tagging Plugin
    • ability to filter and sort results by time! 🎉
  • Sending now a manifest.json to let the user add DokuWiki to the homescreen
  • Re-factored section edit. :!: Plugins which insert own section edit buttons need adjustments, e.g. wrap Plugin
  • updated LESS compiler :!: Template authors may experience some incompatibilities
  • new Action Dispatcher :!: Plugin authors handling ACTION_ACT_PREPROCESS may encounter slight differences
  • new Menu system :!: template authors may want to integrate them (see Menu)
  • improved features in bin/wantedpage.php CLI
  • better cursor handling when inserting multiple images from media popup
  • additional options for GeShi syntax highlighting


  • Hotfix 2018-04-22a
    • fix missing “you are here” 2329
    • readd missing password reset interface 2349
    • fix page unlocking when canceling edits 2350
    • better support for creating pages from search 2355
    • problems with installing plugin zips on some systems 2361
    • fixed draft recovering
  • Hotfix 2018-04-22b
  • Hotfix 2018-04-22c
    • fix an XSS Vulnerability 3044

Release 2017-02-19g “Frusterick Manners”

  • new Admin screen with plugins being able to add their own icons :!: 3rd party templates need adjustments
  • jQuery 3 (IE Support for versions <9 dropped)
  • :!: some plugins may need an update.
    • Gallery: Make sure to update the gallery plugin before you upgrade DokuWiki. Versions before 2016-12-22 render all pages in Frusterick Manners virtually unusable. This includes the login and the admin forms. (Rescue manoeuvre if you happened to fall into the trap: Use regular file tools to move the folder '$DOKUWIKIROOT/lib/plugins/gallery' out of the way.)
    • ODT: Versions before 2016-09-10 do not supply the file 'inc/ZipLib.class.php' which is required in Frusterick Manners.
  • better cache management and CDN support for jQuery
  • PHP 7.1 support and PHP 7.0 bugfixes
  • improvements to the internal Form mechanism
  • File usage list in media manager
  • Various improvements, language updates and bug fixes
  • :!: XMLRPC is only available for PHP 5.4 and higher due to usage of certain PHP syntax


  • Hotfix 2017-02-19a: fixes installation issue 1852 and media overwrite issue 1853.
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19b: fixes security token 1883 and media manager overwrite issue 1864.
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19c: fixes reflected XSS issue 2061
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19d: fixes sanitation of $language 2080; fixes RSS syntax XSS 2081
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19e: fixes rendering null $language going to GeSHi 2088
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19f: fixes PHP 7.3 compatibility 2622 and ACL check
  • Hotfix 2017-02-19g: fixes an XSS Vulnerability 3044

Release 2016-06-26e “Elenor of Tsort”

  • New authPDO plugin; authmysql and authpgsql are deprecated :!:
  • :!: Access check is performed before pages are shown in sidebars of recent templates. (e.g. dokuwiki, starter, writr)
  • PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • Internet Explorers 8 (and older) are no longer supported, workarounds have been removed
  • Improvements to the new form class, auto loading of plugin classes and other improvements for plugin developers
  • Show size changes in recent changes
  • Better RTL (Arabic, Hebrew) support in Mediamanager
  • Support for PHP's builtin web server
  • Various improvements, language updates and bug fixes
  • Old authentication configurations are not loaded anymore. Requires for some a manual update of configuration settings. (You need to change e.g. $conf['auth']['ldap']$conf['plugin']['authldap'] and $conf['authtype'] = 'ldap' → $conf['authtype'] = 'authldap'.) 1535


  • Hotfix 2016-06-26a: fixes 1616 issue with authad.
  • Hotfix 2016-06-26b: fixes security issue 1883, and adjusts session ID check to specification.
  • Hotfix 2016-06-26c: fixes reflected XSS issue 2061
  • Hotfix 2016-06-26d: What changed???
  • Hotfix 2016-06-26e: fix rendering null $language going to GeSHi 2088

Release 2015-08-10a “Detritus”

  • This release now requires PHP 5.3.3 at least
  • New Style Manager to adjust template variables like colors
  • Experimental new Form class usable for plugin developers
  • Use Composer to add third party libraries
  • Various deprecated code has been removed
  • The Extension Manager can now remove old files when updating extensions
  • Allow unsetting default acronyms, schemes, entities, etc. in local config
  • PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • Page titles now reflect the current action better
  • Changed all submit buttons from input to button to improve their stylability. :!:
  • Various improvements and bug fixes


  • Hotfix 2015-08-10a: fix for issue 1296 with Extension Manager which prevented installing tarballs and issue 1302 which prevented links to Windows Shares to work

Previous releases are on Old Changes.

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