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PatchPanel Plugin

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plugin Draws a network patch panel from a list of port descriptions.

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Similar to rack, switchpanel

Tagged with network, server, wiring


This plugin is depreciated in favor of Switch Panel Plugin

This plugin is for network administrators to document patch panels. It draws each port in the patch panel, with customized labels and comments.


  • Very simple syntax
  • Shows name for each patch panel
  • Customizable size, rows and grouping of ports
  • Specify colors for different ports
  • Show the list of port descriptions in CSV format
  • Tool tip shows details when hovering over port


Here is an example of a patch panel:

<patchpanel ports=24 name="Top_of_Rack" rows=2 groups=6 rotate=0>
# Port Label (#COLOR) Comment
1 Uplink #ff0000 Connects to firewall
2 2 Office 101
3 3 Office 102
4 4 Office 103
5 5 Office 104
24 24 Reception desk

This creates a 24 port patch panel, with 2 rows of ports, and ports grouped in sets of 6. Inside the patchpanel tags, each line has a port number, label, and optional color code. The rest of the line is treated as a comment and shown in the tooltip when you hover over a port.


The <patchpanel> tag supports the following parameters:

nameTextThe name for the patch panel, drawn on the left sidePatch Panel
portsNumberTotal number of ports48
rowsNumberNumber of rows in the panel2
groupsNumberNumber of ports in groups horizontally. A bit of extra space is added after each group.6
rotate0 or 1Rotate the picture 90 degrees for vertically mounted patch panels0
switch0, 1 or 2Adjust for odd/even port numbering. If 1, port numbering changes to match switches. If 2, same as above, but starting from bottom to top. (e.g. 3Com/HP)0

The port descriptions have 4 fields, separated by spaces:

1Port number. Lines that don't start with a number are ignored
2Label. Drawn above the port.
3Color. Optional HTML color code, starting with a #. If it doesn't start with #, it is considered part of the comment
4Description. The rest of the line is considered part of the description. It can include basic dokuwiki syntax formatting. The description is shown on the tool tip when you hover over a port.

Labels with spaces require double quotes around them.

If the panel is too wide for your fixed width template, it will add a scrollbar under the patch panel.

Change log and bug reports available on github.

ToDo/Wish List

  • 2014-05-27 It were great, if I could define an link in “description part”. O.K. it is possible, but I can't click on that link. So I'll ask if you expand your plugin. Actually the description part is shown on mouse-over. If it were clickable, a second click on the link should go to the final page. Thanx!
  • 2015-02-03 added option to draw 3com-style switches (2 above 1). Made a pull request on github repo. (until merged it can be found here: ) - Merged, thanks MaxWinterstein!
  • 2015-02-04 made a fix for Internet Explorer. Made a pull request on github repo (see - Max Winterstein
  • 2015-03-17 Hi, I suggest the following improvements to this great plugin (I know it's a bit bold):
    • selectable color for the “chassis” (like with ports)
    • “blind” ports with full and half size for spacing the ports (for example: a line with a “X” gives the width of one port, a “x” gives half the width of a port)
    • text field for description of the device or LEDs or whatever
    • more connectors and LEDs (USB, Sub-D, colored LEDs with text field)
  • 2015-04-15 Hi! great great software! I was looking for a solution to managing my networks configuration layout, and this plugin is the best and easy solution I found around!!! I wish to see implemented only these functions:
    • Possibility to set a zoom level of the patchpanel. With 48 ports layout the size of patchpanel doesn't fit into dokuwiki default template (too large)
    • Network Switch Layout (not only Patch Panel layout)
    • Fix Export to PDF (using Dw2Pdf plugin generate unreadable PDF)
      Many Thanks. Ugo Viti
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