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DokuKITv2 Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

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What is this?

A dokuwiki template that imitates the new KIT design introduced in August 2020.

For the old KIT-design see dokukit.


  • static menu using JSON input
  • dynamic menu built from the dokuwiki index
  • breadcrumps showing the current trace
  • mobile friendly


Either install automatically via Dokuwikis admin interface or install by cloning

git clone dokukitv2

into the lib/tpl directory of you dokuwiki instance and then enabling in the admin interface (check file permissions!).

Static menu

  • select file for the menu-option in the admin panel
  • specify a dokuwiki page used build the static menu using the menusite config in the admin panel
  • put a JSON menu into that file encapsulated by <MENU> …JSON…</MENU>
    • the JSON code should contain three associative array level1..3 that specify menu point on the respective level
    • menu entries of level n+1 that should be associated with those of level n need to have the same key (see example below)
    • each key can only be used once, use anchors (:page#example) to make them unique again
    • amongst anchors also further GET parameters can be specified (e.g. :page?key=value#anchor)


The “level4” which is sometimes used in the original KIT design is not supported.

If you get a JSON parser error, consider using a JSON online parser to get a more meaningful error message.

Dynamic Menu

  • select index for the menu-option in the admin panel
  • give a comma separated list of dokuwiki pages for cleanindexlist
  • these pages are excluded from the navigation
  • ACLs should be taken care of automatically

Sites using this Template

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