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wallpaper Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2014-09-29 "Hrun" yes
  • 2014-05-05 "Ponder Stibbons" yes
  • 2013-12-08 "Binky" yes
  • 2013-05-10 "Weatherwax" yes

template Offers semi transparent content over background image and a dropdown menu

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This template offers a semi transparent body over a background image. Its main feature is a static dropdown menu. The menu supports up to three menu levels.

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template (installation instructions included):

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

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I like this template very much - thank you for your wonderful work. I have only one problem: I didn´t manage to integrate the translation-code-snippet (translation-plugin) into the main.php. Is the main.php the right place or should I better use the tpl_functions.php? Thank you, Hartmut - 2012/02/20

It took a really long time but now there is an experimental version with multi-language support:
Klaus 04/01/2013

Very nice, Klaus. I especially like the horizontal menu per namespace with all pages as a dropdown submenu.
Thanks, John - 2011/04/21

Love it thanks! - Matt 5/1/11

Great template, love it except when printing it really doesnt come out well. - Matt 6/19/2011

Print layout has been revamped in 0.4.2 (I didn't really think about it before)
Klaus 10/16/2011

How is the order of menus determined? I would like to switch the order that they were generated - Pekka 7/21/2011

You can now - starting from version 0.4.2 - introduce your own menu structure
Klaus 10/16/2011

Very nice template! Is there a chance to have a “sidebar” version of this template? One could, for example, have a left-sidebar or right-sidebar (or both) if a page “rsidebar” or “lsidebar” is created in the namespace. It could be good for a better use of the full-width space of the page. - Gianluca, 2011/10/2

I'm not sure if that template really needs a sidebar - what would you put into it?
Klaus 10/16/2011

Hey, I love this template, thanks for your work. But there is one wish: Can the background image be fixed to the top of the Browser Window? On long pages there is just a black color in the back, when the image ends.
Edit: got it! in File lib/tpl/wallpaper/layout.css Line 30 change “position: absolute;” to “position: fixed;”. Then the bg.jgp will stay always visible in the Background of the Wiki :)
Andy 01/03/2012

In new version the above is done in the design.css (same line, same input)
Theo 25/09/2014

From version 0.8.5 upward the fixed background image is a configurable option
Klaus 04/10/2015

Nice template, thank you. Used it for the website of a mounted-games-team.
Wolf 12/03/2012

What a nice template, thank you very much for this work! I use it for an intern “wiki” in my company. But there is one wish left. I'd like to have a sidebar for a calendar, or to show our latest products for example. Are there any possibilities?? :) I hope there is still some activity on this page. - Matze 2014/02/11

This seems to be a sidebar-less template. I can understand the motivation for a sidebar but I have no idea where to put it without messing up the whole appearance of the page.
Klaus 09/11/2014

I wanted to revert to the narrower page width of the default dokuwiki template. I tried several suggested methods, including editing the style.ini value __site_width__ without success. The best I could do was edit the main.php (in the template) with the following:

  <div class="dokuwiki" style="max-width: 900px;">

–Coreigh 11/18/2014

From version 0.8.5 the content stops getting wider at 1152px
Klaus 04/10/2015

IMO: best template 8-) . One improvement idea: set different background images for namespaces/pages. Is there any chance to add a function to set the wallpaper image inside of the page text?

PDriverX 03/04/2015

will have to look into that. It definitely possible, but I don't know how difficult it will be. It will surely not be possible to set the background image within the page content but a background image with the same basename as the page may be imaginable.
Klaus 04/10/2015

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