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template Offers semi transparent content over background image and a dropdown menu

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Similar to zenith

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This template offers a semi transparent body over a background image. Its main feature is a static dropdown menu. The menu supports up to three menu levels.

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template (installation instructions included):

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

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I like this template very much - thank you for your wonderful work. I have only one problem: I didn´t manage to integrate the translation-code-snippet (translation-plugin) into the main.php. Is the main.php the right place or should I better use the tpl_functions.php? Thank you, Hartmut - 2012/02/20

It took a really long time but now there is an experimental version with multi-language support:
Klaus 04/01/2013

Very nice, Klaus. I especially like the horizontal menu per namespace with all pages as a dropdown submenu.
Thanks, John - 2011/04/21

Love it thanks! - Matt 5/1/11

Great template, love it except when printing it really doesnt come out well. - Matt 6/19/2011

Print layout has been revamped in 0.4.2 (I didn't really think about it before)
Klaus 10/16/2011

How is the order of menus determined? I would like to switch the order that they were generated - Pekka 7/21/2011

You can now - starting from version 0.4.2 - introduce your own menu structure
Klaus 10/16/2011

Very nice template! Is there a chance to have a “sidebar” version of this template? One could, for example, have a left-sidebar or right-sidebar (or both) if a page “rsidebar” or “lsidebar” is created in the namespace. It could be good for a better use of the full-width space of the page. - Gianluca, 2011/10/2

I'm not sure if that template really needs a sidebar - what would you put into it?
Klaus 10/16/2011

Hey, I love this template, thanks for your work. But there is one wish: Can the background image be fixed to the top of the Browser Window? On long pages there is just a black color in the back, when the image ends.
Edit: got it! in File lib/tpl/wallpaper/layout.css Line 30 change “position: absolute;” to “position: fixed;”. Then the bg.jgp will stay always visible in the Background of the Wiki :)
Andy 01/03/2012

In new version the above is done in the design.css (same line, same input)
Theo 25/09/2014

From version 0.8.5 upward the fixed background image is a configurable option
Klaus 04/10/2015

Nice template, thank you. Used it for the website of a mounted-games-team.
Wolf 12/03/2012

What a nice template, thank you very much for this work! I use it for an intern “wiki” in my company. But there is one wish left. I'd like to have a sidebar for a calendar, or to show our latest products for example. Are there any possibilities?? :) I hope there is still some activity on this page. - Matze 2014/02/11

This seems to be a sidebar-less template. I can understand the motivation for a sidebar but I have no idea where to put it without messing up the whole appearance of the page.
Klaus 09/11/2014

I wanted to revert to the narrower page width of the default dokuwiki template. I tried several suggested methods, including editing the style.ini value __site_width__ without success. The best I could do was edit the main.php (in the template) with the following:

  <div class="dokuwiki" style="max-width: 900px;">

–Coreigh 11/18/2014

From version 0.8.5 the content stops getting wider at 1152px
Klaus 04/10/2015

IMO: best template 8-) . One improvement idea: set different background images for namespaces/pages. Is there any chance to add a function to set the wallpaper image inside of the page text?

PDriverX 03/04/2015

will have to look into that. It definitely possible, but I don't know how difficult it will be. It will surely not be possible to set the background image within the page content but a background image with the same basename as the page may be imaginable.
Klaus 04/10/2015

Hi, on updating the template to version 2015-04-28, the transparency changed. Now the background image is mostly invisible because of brighter foreground. Is there a chance to change this (and where)? The white font on top “Sie befinden sich hier::” is also invisible because of similar colors…
PDriverX 05/22/2015

Whopss… fixed the problem by uninstalling wallpaper template and reinstalling it. So, if you have the same problems with transparency, uninstall and reinstall the template… (please backup before doing anything!!!)
PDriverX 05/22/2015

Hi, great template! I am wanting to use it with the loadskin plugin, as I only want this template on one namespace, the rest of my wiki on the default template. I have a couple of questions:
- How do I get the menu to show in the top bar? I have tried both auto generated and a “menu” file as per your documentation, nothing shows. Is the file mean't to live in the wallpaper top level dir?, or namespace, I have tried both.
I have ignored the loadskin plugin and placed this template at the top level, still no menu.
- How do I get at the configuration items when I run the template this way, they are not there.
- How do I get the page to take up full width, like I can with the main dokuwiki template. (i.e I used the following in my main style.ini)

__site_width__      = "100%"

Sorry for all the questions. 8-)
Bernie 28/03/2017

The missing menu is a bug. I have just released a bugfix.

The CSS variable 'site_width' is not supported in this template. To change the page width you will have to change the width and max-width of the 'dokuwiki' container in 'design.css' around line 35

And I don't know which configuration items you cannot get at ;-)

Klaus 30/03/2017

This is now 20212022 and we still love your template, Klaus. =)

3Ben 12/08/2021

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