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showlogin Plugin

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plugin Show Login-form on “access denied” pages to not logged-in users

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Conflicts with
ondeniedlogin, showlogin2

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to ondeniedlogin, showlogin2

Tagged with authentication, denied, users

Functionality now included in DokuWiki: DokuWiki now includes the login form in the denied page, when useful. So this plugin becomes superfluous.

What it does

If installed and activated, it checks each pages permission, in respect to the logged in user (if any). If the user is not granted to see the page he has navigated to, a “access denied” page will show up and additionally (this comes from the plugin) the login form is appended.

Manual installation

Download the plugin source from the URL above and unzip it inside the plugins/ directory:

cd dokuwiki/lib/plugins
wget ....

Version history

  • 2012-11-01: changed to github repository to make downloading easier. refactoring to current plugin layout.
  • 2008-04-22: first version

Last Changes


  • Thanks a lot for this plugin, it's working great on latest version of DokuWiki in French!
  • The plugin works great! :)
  • Works for me too ;)
  • Thank You! That's what I was looking for. :)
  • Excellent! This is exactly what I needed! – Andrew Ash
  • Please, I beg and plead that this be included in the next release of DokuWiki. I have been waiting for this for years.
  • I Agree with bundling! ~~~~
  • Works on Spanish too!. Just wonder why this behavior wasn't the default action from the beginning. I have to say that in Spanish it is a little redundant: the original text about not being logged and the text at the beginning of the login form, but… it's okay.
  • Works great. Thank you! Pekka 2010-04-04
  • Just what I needed, thank you! Wonder why this isn't standard behavior… BCS 2010-05-06
  • Great, shoud be standard bahaviour IMHO as well. Suggestion: Plugin to show a customized login-page.


Merge the plugins "showlogin", "ondeniedlogin", "showlogin2" together into one

Is it neccessary to have three plugins doing nearly exactly the same? There should be only one.

Why use this plugin at all?

There are three kind of Dokuwiki site types:

  1. Open wikis, where no one needs to login to show or modify content
  2. Closed wikis, where everyone needs to login to show content
  3. Public wikis, where some content if shown without login (anonymous users) but other is restricted to users/groups.

Now, if such a restricted page in an public wiki is requested, e.g. by clicking a link, in current DWs the user is presented with an “Access Denied” page. The approach of this plugin is to redirect/show the user a login form to gain access to the requested page. This behaveour is currently not implemented in Dokuwiki an so must be achieved with an plugin.

Presenting a login to users who are already logged in makes no sense. It would be a simple thing to check for this.

Show access denied, login form, or not, and when

My 2 cent: If a user is already logged in and tries to access a page but ACLs won't let him, he should see an “access denied” page only. There is no point in showing the login form again. If the person is not logged in, he should see the login form (only?).

Hello, showing the loginform only for not logged in users should already be the situation. I think its more problematic the default text for access denied still has a sentence about the user possibly not beeing logged in. Maybe the plugin should have translatable text for both specialy handled situations. login_required (to view the content) and denied_access (while beeing logged in). — sf 2011/07/19 15:29

hummm….but imagine that the owner of a page could put a password in that page . So a group could have login e password to access that page , different of their personal login . For example if in a group of pages, the owner creates a personal photo album and the photos will be seen just by some friends . So should have a login to see that … I mean , imagine that a group ask to superuser to give access to john p. login ..xxxxyyyy . So just this user can see the page . so this generic login and password could be distributed to a small group . And loging in this way they could see that photos..

Whished features

  • Redir/include an external login-form from another URL (maybe Company-site)
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