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oEmbed Plugin

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plugin Embed media from oembed providers

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Similar to vshare, youtube

Tagged with embed, flickr, images, media, music, video

The oEmbed plugin allows you to easily embed media from any provider that supports the oEmbed format.


Search for and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


The simplest way to embed media is with its url. e.g. {{>}}

Some providers can be given extra options in the form {{>url?options}} such as maxwidth or maxheight

An oembed provider will specify a URL scheme and API endpoint pairs. If you know the endpoint you can also use the !direct keyword to send paramaters to the API endpoint


embed a single image from Flickr


embed an image with a maximum width of 800px


embed a gallery


use the API endpoint directly

{{> !direct ?url=}}


A list of oembed providers can be found on the oEmbed website and Noembed can provide a consitent inferface for supported and unsupoprted site.

Known issues

The current plugin (as of 2019) has been updated from an old unmaintained version but doesn't use the new plugin skeleton and may not be fully compatible with current/future versions of DokuWiki.

Any known issues are on github.

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