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sprintdoc Template

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template Modern, responsive template that integrates multiple plugins useful for small to medium sized company intranets and project wikis

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Download and Install

Install the template as usual through the Extension manager.

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

:!: The Template requires PHP's SimpleXML extension to be available. On some systems you may need to install an additional package for that.

Sites using this Template

The sprintdoc template is the spiritual successor to the ICKE template. The goal is to provide a modern, responsive template that integrates multiple plugins useful for small to medium sized company intranets and project wikis.


Sidebar Sections

The sprintdoc template features a standard sidebar mechanism. Simply create a page named sidebar to create a permanent navigation menu.

By default each headline in the sidebar page will automatically create a collapsible section - this can be changed in the configuration.

====== A Section ======

  * [[wiki:dokuwiki|About DokuWiki]]
  * [[wiki:syntax|DokuWiki Syntax]]

A special syntax allows you to specify SVG icons to be used instead of the automatically created icons. To do so, simply provide a valid media id after an @ character. The icon must be publicly accessible, which means not protected by any ACL rules. Please refer to mime on how to enable SVG uploads in your wiki:

====== Section with local icon @icons:fish.svg ======

Alternatively you can refer to any icon available at (MDI). When an icon can not be found locally it is looked up at MDI:

====== Section with MDI icon @alert-octagram.svg ======


The template allows to configure certain features in DokuWiki's configuration manager. Design features (like colors) can be configured via the Styling Manager.


The template supports various logos, favicons etc. They have to be provided in PNG or SVG format and need to be uploaded to the wiki namespace. At the very minimum you should provide a wiki:logo.png/svg image and maybe a wiki:favicon.ico. Additional images can be provided, but are created from the main logo if missing.

  • wiki:logo.png/svg – used when no specialized logo is found
  • wiki:logo-wide.png/svg – main logo for desktop mode
  • wiki:logo-32x32.png/svg – main logo for mobile mode
  • wiki:favicon.ico – favicon
  • wiki:favicon.png/svg – favicon fallback
  • wiki:logo-square.png/svg – mobile logo fallback


The template supports traditional include hooks as defined in the dokuwiki template as well as includes configurable via the Template Include plugin.


The sprintdoc template support a handful of plugins right out of the box. That means there's no additional configuration needed other than installing to make use of these plugins. All of these plugins are completely optional but can enhance the experience.

  • starred – bookmarks are shown in the sidebar, the star icon to bookmark pages is integrated the page attributes
  • do – list of open tasks is integrated in the user tools, page tasks are listed in the page attributes
  • qc – page quality is integrated into the page attributes
  • tplinc – there are several includes available to this plugin (see Includes)
  • highlightparent – integrated into breadcrumbs
  • tagging – integrated into the page tabs
  • struct – adjusted styling
  • data – adjusted styling
  • quicksubscribe – the subscription Icon is integrated into the page attributes
  • All plugins supporting the new menu system introduced in Greebo, this includes




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