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Structured Data-AU Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" unknown
  • 2018-04-22 "Greebo" unknown
  • 2017-02-19 "Frusterick Manners" yes
  • 2016-06-26 "Elenor Of Tsort" yes

plugin Add and query structured data in your wiki

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data, fckg

Similar to fields, pagemod, strata, struct

Tagged with data, database, listing, sqlite, tables, tags

A fork of the Structured Data Plugin for DokuWiki. This version uses the Australian date format dd/mm/yy.

This plugin allows you to add structured data to any DokuWiki page. Think about this data as additional named attributes. Those attributes can then be queried and aggregated. The plugin is similar to what was done here for the repository plugin but its internals are very different to it.

WARNING - this plugin has had little testing. Testing and feedback appreciated.

If you like this plugin please donate to the original Structured Data plugin.

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


See the original Structured Data documentation.

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