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GeoTag Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Allow a user to annotate pages with a geotag

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Syntax, Helper, Action

Similar to geourl, tag

Tagged with annotations, geo, meta, seo, spatial, tags

This plugin will render a geotag as a visible and styled geo microformat and geo element as well as render it as meta tags and ICBM in the page header. The rendering of the microformat may be suppressed by the wiki admin.

A comprehensive summary on geotagging is given on


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

It's not required, but having the geophp will enable calulation, storage and tagging of geohashes, having the spatialhelper plugin will enable searching for nearby pages.


See the plugin in action on the demonstration site and here. The sample pages show all the styles available with the plugin.


Minimal syntax:

{{geotag>lat:51.565696, lon:5.324596}}

Full syntax:

{{geotag>lat=52.132633, lon=5.291266, alt=9, placename:Sint-Oedenrode, region:NL-NB, country:NL, hide}}
  • lat latitude, required. This must be in unprojected decimal degrees (WGS84).
  • lon longitude, required. This must be in unprojected decimal degrees (WGS84).
  • alt altitude, optional. This must be in meter above (or below) mean sealevel.
  • placename the placename, optional. A descriptive placename, eg. the name of a town or landmark.
  • region the region, optional. Use the ISO_3166-2 code for this.
  • country the country, optional. Use the ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 code for this.
  • hide|unhide use to override the geotag_hide configuration property, optional (:!: does not take a value)

The lat and lon elements are mandatory, the other elements are optional and may be omitted. Elements must be separated by a comma (,) either a colon (:) or an equals sign (=) may be used to separate the values (lat:21.2 is the same as lat=21.2). Since the comma is used as a delimiter you cannot use it in the text (the placename would be the only one where that makes sense anyway).

If you need to look up the values for a tag you can use the Geo Tag Generator website (at some point in time the plugin may provide this lookup functionality by itself)

Configuration and Settings

There are several configuration options:

  • geotag_location_prefix the default text to show in front of as part of a geotag, ie. the placename value;
  • geotag_showlocation shows the placename value as part of the microformat, note that if you use a comma this string will be truncated at the comma
  • geotag_hide when checked geotags will be hidden from view using css (they are still rendered)
  • geotag_prevent_microformat_render when this option is checked rendering of the geotag microformat is prevented (the meta tags are still added to the page), this is for certain a11y scenario's.
  • geotag_showsearch make the geotag a link to the findnearby action provided by the spatialhelper
  • toolbar_icon whether to show a button in the editing toolbar
  • displayformat the format for display of the coordinates, either decimal degrees (DD) or degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS)


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