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CustomButtons Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin A plugin for adding custom buttons to the toolbar, to shortcut commonly used code blocks

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A plugin for adding custom buttons to the toolbar, to shortcut commonly used code blocks. The latest version has a user-friendly back-end that lets you add two types of shortcut buttons:

  1. Plain blocks of text: This is useful when you want to shortcut URLs, email addresses and generally complicated wiki tags that you use often.
  2. Wiki Format blocks: This should be used when the tags you want to shortcut have an opening and closing part and the user should add something in the middle. ex:
    <file bash></file>

Note: Icon by Joseph North!

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


To add some button you should login as admin and click to the “Admin Button”.

Shortcut button for a commonly used URL

Shortcut button for adding a bash script


Just click at a radio button and then click “Delete”.

Using the buttons

After you have successfully inserted some buttons you should be able to see them at the edit toolbar, as shown below.

Multiline Codes

If you want to have a shortcut for a common used multiline template (eg. a table) you can use “\n” in the code field to denote the line change.


Label: 3x3 Table
Code: ^ header1  ^ header2  ^ header3  ^\n|  valueA1  |  valueA2  |  valueA3  |\n|  valueB1  |  valueB2  |  valueB3  |

Bugs and Feature Requests

Use GitHub Issues to reports bugs and request features.

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