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Binky Test Instance Template

Compatible with DokuWiki

Hrun, Binky, Ponder Stibbons

template Visually marking a wiki as a test instance

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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This is a minimal variant of DokuWiki's default template (“forked” from Release Binky which made its name), i.e. no changed usage or being lost in options. Technically also a base to fork own simple variants / adjustments of the original DokuWiki template (that does not exist as a separate repository - yet), e.g. for templates per namespace via Loadskin Plugin (which may be only slight variants of the “normal” template).

Simple but effective marking of a test instance so that you may switch between a test and a production instance even in the same browser instance without being confused where you are - the only, but very striking difference is the lightpink background. You don't have to praise that color choice, but you surely won't think that a page with that background resides in your production environment - those who do production in lightpink yet might change to a striking color of their own choice by editing the line __background_site__ = "lightpink" ; @ini_background_site in the style.ini file.

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You don't need a separate template for this. Just add a local style.ini (or add a one-line userstyle). — Anika Henke 2014-05-05 12:59

Basically right, but that misses the rationale: the “test instance” template here is meant for test copies of an DokuWiki installation that may exist for less than an hour - for an according “rapid prototyping” it is much simpler to use generalized building blocks that may be (very) huge and inelegant, but, compared to rather specialized solutions, are quick at hand and quick to manage (you don't have a built-in configuration interface for a local style.ini or userstyles, but you do have an entry for the chosen template, you do not need any additional track keeping for changes). I would use a local style.ini or userstyles exactly for the opposite aim, i.e. for styles to accompany a “persistant” wiki for a rather long time (maybe “surviving” future default templates). Anyway, I'm proud that it's you to comment first, and I hope that is clear that I don't want to compete with your very work or letting people think that it could be me who had the brains for these many features of Binky's default template … — hh lohmann 2014-05-05 15:25
Litte postscript: one might suggest to write a plugin for using some standard DokuWiki mechanics for quick adding / removing singular features like the background color, but - at least for me - plugins are often the main topic for test instances and it's advisable to take any possibilty to keep test issues and test environment apart (so user styles would be not that good for testing since it produces “noise” in /conf - not very loud noise, but testing profits from avoiding any noise at all) — hh lohmann 2014-05-05 15:46
I agree that there should be a way to change local style.ini or userstyles easily. The main reason why I wouldn't use something like this template is maintainability. Most (if not all) of these types of templates (which use an existing one and only change very little) end up being unmaintained, and when a new DokuWiki version comes out, this will be out of sync with the original. It's also not easy to see the difference between various versions of templates. Depending on your technical expertise, you might also want to consider preparing a patch (diff or git) against DokuWiki. That makes making a change like this (and potentially others) to the existing code base as easy as running one single line in the shell. — Anika Henke 2014-05-05 16:10
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