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template A modern template with horizontal menu

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Tagged with clean, modern, responsive

This is a modern, clean template with a focus on the main, horizontal navigation. The color scheme is adjustable and the navigation can be managed from within the wiki. The template has no Sidebar support.

The initial development of this template was financed by the Southeastern Railways Engineering department

Download and Install

A CosmoCode Plugin

:!: This template is a child template of the TwigStarter Template. You need to install that template before activating Notos!

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

To configure the navigation, create a page in wiki:navigation (you can change the page to use in the config manager). The page should contain a single, 2-level nested list of links. All second level links should be below the namespace of the first level link above.

Something like this:

  * [[recipes:start|Recipes]]
    * [[recipes:cooking:start|Cooking]]
    * [[recipes:baking:start|Baking]]
    * [[recipes:cocktails:start|Cocktails]]
  * [[books:start|Books]]
    * [[books:mockingbird|To Kill a Mockingbird]]
    * [[books:warpeace|War and Peace]]
    * [[books:1984|1984]]

Colors and Breakpoints

You can adjust the colors using the Styling Plugin which comes with DokuWiki. The template uses a single breakpoint to switch to mobile view on small screens. You can configure the breakpoint here.

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