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TFSLink Plugin

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plugin Provides a convenient way to add links to TFS work items.

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Syntax, Action

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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This plugin allows you to insert links to Team Foundation Server work items via an interwiki-like syntax. It additionally provides a wizard that is accessible via the toolbar.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


[[wi>#356|Custom title for #356 at the default project collection]]
[[wi>teamfs#1793|title for #1793 at the custom project collection named teamfs]]


Basic syntax:

  • projectCollectionShorthand can be one of the pre-configured shorthands (optional)
  • workItemId is the numeric identifier of the targeted work item
  • title is self-explaining (optional)

Configuration and Settings

How to retrieve the Guid of a TFS project collection

  • TFS 2012/2013 and TFS Service (Online)
    1. Open any work item via the TFS web interface
    2. Click on the 'email workitem' button
    3. Look for 'pcguid=your-guid' within the hyperlink of the work item (Id column)
  • TFS 2010
    1. Open any work item for edit via the TFS web interface
    2. Look for 'pguid=your-guid' within the url on the top of the new window

Minimal settings

Aside from some default options that are configurable from the Configuration Manager,
your need to define at least the default TFS project collection to use:

// configure your default collection here
$conf['plugin']['tfslink']['defaultCollection'] = array
        'baseUrl'   => '',
        'name'      => 'DefaultCollection',
        'guid'      => '<Enter the Guid of the project collection here>',
        'title'     => 'your tfs',
        'version'   => 2013 // set to 2013 for TFS Service

Optional settings

Multiple project collections

If needed, you can define multiple TFS project collections, see the example below.
:!: The shorthand defined here needs to be specified later on use according to the syntax.

// configure additional tfs project collections here, if needed
$conf['plugin']['tfslink']['collections']['<your shorthand>'] = array
        'baseUrl'   => '',
        'name'      => 'DefaultCollection',
        'guid'      => '<Enter the Guid of the project collection here>',
        'title'	    => 'your other tfs',
        'version'   => 2010


Change Log

Release Log

* 2015-01-06

  • Initial release.

Known Bugs, Issues and requests

Please refer to GitHub to report bug and share feature requests.

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