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plugin Link to a Javadoc API using class/method name and a site reference (previous authors: Damien Coraboeuf)

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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This plugin offers a convenient way to reference Javadoc API pages. It is particularly useful when creating Java technical documentation to reference the classes being used.

Given a class name (and a method name) and a site reference, a link is automatically generated to the corresponding Javadoc API page.

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Changes in 2014-08-10

  • Updated date (version) in

Changes in 2014-08-09

  • Added option to hide Java icon before Javadoc links.
  • Updated default Javadoc URL to Java 8

Changes in 2013-05-20

  • Updated plugin information
  • Updated javadoc icon
  • Added configuration
  • Updated JDK Javadoc base URL


Surround a Java class name with <javadoc> and </javadoc> tags to create a Javadoc URL. The plugin generates a link referring to the Javadoc URL of the class. The link text is the class name and is displayed as code.


It's also possible to refer to a class element such as a method. Use the Javadoc @link syntax to do so.

Attention: This currently does not work for methods with more than one parameter.


Use a vertical bar to specify a custom link text:


Include a site identifier in the opening tag to refer to a custom Javadoc base URL. Up to five site identifiers can be configured:

<javadoc jeda>ch.jeda.Program</javadoc>


The default Javadoc base URL can be configured. The configuration value must be a valid JDK Javadoc base URL.

Also, up to five custom Javadoc base URLs can be configured. The configuration value must be a valid Javadoc base URL. Optionally, a custom site identifier may be prepended to the URL. Site identifier and URL must be separated by a space:

Parameter Example Description
jdk Base URL for standard JDK Javadoc
user1 jeda First custom Javadoc base URL
user2 doolin Second custom Javadoc base URL
user3 commons-beanutil Third custom Javadoc base URL
user4 Fourth custom Javadoc base URL
user5 Fifth custom Javadoc base URL


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