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PreRegister Plugin

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plugin Extra registration layer with confirmation link for added security, optional captcha support

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Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


This plugin adds an extra layer of security to the registration process. It accepts registration data from a new user and sends the potential registrant an email with a link back to the wiki. When the link is processed, DokuWiki's normal registration process is triggered and the new user is registered and sent a password.

It has its own CAPTCHA, which is based on a deck of playing cards, or it can use the captcha plugin, or it can turn off the use of a CAPTCHA. The choice is set in the Configuration Manager.

It is also possible to bypass the email stage and have the coded link printed to the screen and when the registrant clicks on that link, the registration will be processed and the user sent the password. This is also controlled from the Configuration Manager.

There is an administration panel which enables the administrator to prune back the data file where the temporary registration data is kept. Entries are deleted when the links are processed, but if a link is not used, the entry will remain in the data file until deleted using the admin panel.

Configuration and Settings

Option Choices Default
captcha builtin, captcha plugin, nonebuiltin
send_confirm 1, 0 1
list_age user set 2*24*60*60 (i.e. 2 days)


It is possible to use this plugin without a CAPTCHA by selecting none. If you want to use the CAPTCHA that comes with the plugin,which is the builtin, you will get this:

If you have need for a CAPTCHA with more possiblities, you can select captcha plugin. For this,you will have to install the captcha plugin. If you have selected captcha plugin and that plugin is not available, the CAPTCHA will default to the builtin.


This option is either on or off. If on, then the new registrant will be sent an email with a clickable link. If off, then the link will be printed to the screen. In either case, the result is the same, the link will be processed and the user will be sent a password. See FAQ below.


This option is for use in the preregister admin panel. It determines how long to keep entries in the data file before they will be deleted. Entries are deleted when they have been processed using the return link, but this feature takes care of entries where the links are never returned to the wiki.


The plugin checks to see whether a userid is already in use, so it will prevent a new registrant from submitting a userid that is already in use. However, it does not check to see whether or not a userid in its own data file is waiting to be processed. So, it is conceivable that two registrants could create the same userid, in which case the first one to process the return link would get the id and the other would get Dokuwiki's rejection message. This may be worked out in a later release.


For users of recaptcha2, see Tom Richter's update to preregister:

Change Log


Use GitHub or the forum.

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