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AutoLink 4 Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" yes
  • 2018-04-22 "Greebo" yes

plugin Automatically link text in your wiki to pages

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Similar to autolink2, autolink3, structautolink

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This plugin automatically links text on your page to other pages of your wiki. There are already two other plugins that do this. What makes this one different?

  • It's easy to configure.
  • It's up to date, and works with the latest version of DokuWiki.
  • It doesn't modify the original copies of the page; links are created on demand. This makes it easy to undo changes.
  • It works with autotooltip to add tooltips to its links.

More information: Choosing an autolink plugin.


Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Examples / Usage

This plugin is configured with a list of links in the DokuWiki admin interface. Each line of the configuration consist of three fields separated by commas:

  • Text to find. This can include certain regular expression characters, like square brackets and question marks. Pipe (|) and parentheses are not allowed. This plugin always links whole words and phrases. It will never link just part of a word. See note below on non-English language support.
  • The link for the text.
  • The namespace where the replacement is done. Omit this field to replace everywhere.
  • Flags. These can include:
    • tt: If the Auto-Tooltip plugin is installed, the link will be displayed with a tooltip, including the page title and abstract.
    • once: Only link the first occurrence of this tooltip on a page.
    • inword: Replace partial words. DokuWiki defines a word as characters surrounded by spaces or punctuation, so this is required for languages that do not require space between words.
Simple example
Things, mywiki:thing

This links the word “Things” to mywiki:thing, everywhere on your wiki. It only links it when capitalized.

Limiting replacement to a namespace
Things, mywiki:thing, mywiki

The word “Things” will only be replaced inside the “mywiki” namespace.

Things, mywiki:thing, , tt

The link will include a tooltip, which is drawn from the title and abstract of mywiki:thing. This feature requires autotooltip.

Search inside of words
Things, mywiki:thing, , inword
Things, mywiki:thing, , once|tt

The link will include a tooltip, and only the first occurrence of this match will be linked.

Regular expressions
[Tt]hings?, mywiki:thing

This links the words “Thing,” “thing,” “Things” and “things” to mywiki:thing. Remember that pipe (|) and parentheses are not allowed.

Proper ordering
Incredible Things, mywiki:thing
Things, mywiki:thing

Replacements are made in the order in which they occur in the configuration. So if you have a short replacement which is contained within a longer one, list the longer one first.

Non-English language support

Due to limited non-Latin support in DokuWiki, this plugin cannot work with certain characters in regular expressions. To fix it, you will have to edit some core DokuWiki code. Open /inc/Parsing/Lexer/ParallelRegex.php, and change the getPerlMatchingFlags function to:

protected function getPerlMatchingFlags()
  return ($this->case ? "umsS" : "umsSi");



I tested with 500 regular expression matches, with no noticeable impact on performance. If you scale to several thousand, I recommend limiting the number of regular expression links.

Nerd speak

The asymptotic complexity of this plugin is O(r*u + s), where r is the total number of configured links with regular expression characters, s is the number of configured links without regular expression characters, and u is the number of unique matched text strings on the page. This means that performance is only minimally impacted by non-regex entries, and becomes worse the more regex entries you have, and the more times those entries appear on the page.

Change Log

ToDo/Wish List

  • If you have more than 500 or so configured links, you reach the maximum number of hooks DokuWiki can handle. This can be fixed by turning this into an action plugin, or by modifying DokuWiki's code to chunk the regex.


[APPLAUSE] This implementation for auto-linking is handy to use. I may not be a heavy user since I haven't come up so many strings to be auto-linked to relative pages, but this plugin indeed suits my need in a most elegant way. — milchflasche 2020-10-26 02:56

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