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Translation3 Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Another translation plugin based on plugin:translation and plugin:multilingual. Merged back.

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This extension is marked as obsoleted. Therefore it is hidden in the Extension Manager and the extension listing. Furthermore, it is candidate for removal.

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to multilingual, translation

Tagged with !obsolete

In December 2010 the extras added to this fork (based on features of multilingual plugin) are merged back to the Translation plugin. After that development on this fork is halted, so the Translation plugin is recommended! Go to translation plugin.

Download and Installation



  • 2010-11-05: 1.0 First public version.
  • 2010-12-05: 1.1 +Menu: DropDown List with Current Flag; Change repo to github
  • 2010-12-10: Merge this fork back in to Translation Plugin.

Development halted. Translation Plugin is recommended.


See page with screenshots to get an impression of:

  • Dropdown list
  • Horizontal list
  • Switcher using Flags icons
  • Adding description above switcher
  • Adding an explanation link to that description

These features are integrated todays into Translation Plugin.

See also translation plugin configuration and translation plugin usage.


Advantages over the:

  • translation - (after merge no differences were left)
    • support for flags (similar to multilingual, but faster rendering)
    • support for local about translation page (and global)
    • show/hide link to about translation page
    • show/hide description “Translations of this page” in current language
    • improved CSS styles
    • good work with redirections
    • support for change wiki ui language (language of the user interface may be switched in foreign language namespaces)
    • support for dropdown list
    • faster rendering flags (not use html_wikilink, which may be slow for images)
    • support for non-ISO languages in flag mode (text or blank flag image)
    • support for selected or all namespaces (like translation)
    • support for local and global about translation page
    • support for link to about translation page
    • support for description “Translations of this page” in current language
    • all advantages of Translation plugin (version 2010-07-18/2010-11-05)

Comparison of translation plugins

Not up to date anymore. e.g. Translation3 is merged into Translation. Date: end 2010

Plugin Multilingual Translation Translation2 Translation3
Author Daniel Stonier Andreas Gohr Markus Birth Tomasz Tomasik
First version 2009-02-11 2007-06-04 2009-02-12 2010-11-05
Last updated 2009-02-11 2010-07-18 2009-02-12 2010-12-05
Compatibility DW 2008-05-05 DW 2009-12-25 DW 2009-12-25 -/+ DW 2009-12-25
Demo Yes Yes
Position in template breadcrumbs breadcrumbs breadcrumbs
Popularity 3 24/10128 340/10128 19/10128 0/10128
Global translation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local translation No No No No
Allow limited namespaces Yes (translationns) Yes (translationns)
Exceptions (config) Yes (skiptrans) Yes (skiptrans) Yes (skiptrans)
Exceptions (page)
Warn about outdated translations No Yes (checkage) Yes (checkage)
Language integration
Change wiki ui lang Not work :?: (use_browser_lang) Yes (translateui) Yes (translateui)
Start page redirection Buggy Yes (redirectstart) Yes (redirectstart)
List Yes (flags off) Yes (dropdown off) Yes (dropdown & flags off)
DropDown List No Yes (dropdown) Yes (dropdown)
DropDown List with Flag No No Yes (dropdown2 & flags)
Flags Yes (flags) No Yes (flags)
Blank flag Not work Yes (blankflag)
About translation page(s) and description
About translation page Not work :?: (about) Yes (about) Yes (about)
Global about translation page Yes Yes
Multilang about translation pages No Yes (localabout)
Show/hide link to about page Always show Yes (showabout)
Show/hide description Always show Yes (description)


  • FLEX - good for local translation, not good tested by me. FLEX Plugin is deleted from repository.
  • Multilingual - similar to Translation, a little buggy (problems with redirections, possible slow images rendering)
  • Translation - in my opinion the best plugin for global translation
  • Translation2 - not work for me :-/
  • Translation3 - my plugin, based on Translation (also have some features from Multilingual) is now merged back to Translation.

Known bugs

It isn't possible to install/use both translation and translation3.

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