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Composer Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Creates a single page from a chosen directory. All files are included, so that you are able to print it or save it as single page. (Previous author: Michael Grosser)

Last updated on

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to include

Tagged with export, include

Needed for betadoku

Current status

I took over the plugin from Michael, created a github repository so that everybody can use the plugin manager now and cleared up this page.

However, the plugin code hasn't been changed and I found incompatibilites or bugs at least in Anteater. I'm planning on updating the code and fixing the bugs.

The code has been fixed and should at least be compatible with Angua (that's what I tested). If somebody could give more information about other (mostly prior) releases.

I have removed the bug notes from this document and encourage everyone, that uses this plugin and finds bugs to report them over in the github issue tracker.

Of course, I also encourage everybody to send me pull requests that fix bugs. ;-)


  • Michael Grosser for the original plugin code
  • The authors of the indexmenu-plugin for the search algorithm
  • The authors of the page plugin for page inclusion (combine all to one).


{{compose>a:b:c#3|absolute nons numbers:numbers_depth print resort}}
a:b:c namespace
#3how much levels to include
absoluteTry to include the files at the fitting header level where the plugin is executed
nonsdont include namespace nodes
numbersnumbering infront of headers (1.2.1 bla, bla…)
numbers_depthhow deep (e.g. 3 → level 4+5 don't get numbering)
printprint optimization = on
resortResort found pages


Combine all subpages and namespaces within one namespace


will print the content of all pages in this tree of the DokuWiki, without the namespacenodes (doku:controller , doku:controller:c, doku:controller:d)

  {{compose>doku:controller#3 | print numbers 3}}

will print contents of all pages in doku:controller up till level 3, optimized for printing, and with numbering from headings level 5 to 3

1   doku:controller:a
2   doku:controller:b
3.1   doku:controller:c:a
3.2   doku:controller:c:b
4.1   doku:controller:d:a
        doku:controller:d:c:b - not included since > 3 level
4.2   doku:controller:d:e


The resort-option resorts the found pages based on the following idea:

  1. Sort by level. Lowest level goes first.
  2. Sort directories (if nons hasn't been specified) by id
  3. Put start-pages in front of other pages
  4. Finally, sort the pages by id

Installation Instructions

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

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