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gitlabapi Plugin

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plugin GitLab-Api displays some information from a GitLab project.

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:!: This plugis is an extended version of Gitlab-Project. All thanks to algorys.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager.


The following values must be configured in the Configuration Manager:

  • server.default: Set your default GitLab url without slash ending. You can override this setting in server.json file.
  • token.default: Fill your admin token. You can override this setting in server.json file.


Default Syntax

<gitlab-api project-path="<NAMESPACE>/<SUB_DIRS>/<PROJECT_NAME>" />
  • NAMESPACE is the namespace of your project.
  • SUB_DIRS is the sub-directories of your project if exists.
  • PROJECT_NAME is the name of your project.

For instance, if your project is available at, then the syntax should be:

<gitlab-api project-path="ns/dir1/dir2/project" />

Display Information

The plugin displays following information:

  • milestones=“n” lists the latest n milestones.
  • commits=“n” lists the latest n commits.
  • issues=“n” lists the latest n issues.
  • pipelines=“n” lists the latest n pipelines.

For instance, if you want to see the latest 3 milestones, 10 commits, 5 issues, and 10 pipelines, then the syntax will be:

<gitlab-api project-path="ns/dir/project" commits="10" issues="5" milestones="3" pipelines="10" />

Override Server and Token

There a JSON file server.json inside the root of plugin. You can add or change the servers and their tokens.

For instance; you have a GitLab server namely gitlab.home and following JSON file:

  "gitlab.home": {
    "url": "",
    "token": "aabbccddeeffgghh"

Then you can use server parameter as follows:

<gitlab-api server="gitlab.home" project-path="ns/project" />

Change Log

Known Bugs and Issues

Please report youe issues or your idea at GitLab-Api.

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