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AuthPHPBB3 Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Provides user authentication against phpBB 3.x

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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By Eole

This plugin allows users to authenticate using phpBB credentials directly in DokuWiki. This plugin is a two-ways authentication meaning a user can authenticate in phpBB or DokuWiki (SSO-like system).

Features list:

  • Authentication: you can login using DokuWiki form with phpBB credentials. A user authenticated using phpBB will be authenticated in DokuWiki and vice versa (mutual authentication).
  • Groups: phpBB groups can be used to set ACL in DokuWiki.
  • Profile: DokuWiki user's profile link redirects to phpBB user's profile.
  • Cache: a cache system is used to improve performance (minimal database requests).


DokuWiki and phpBB need to be on the same domain for the authentication to work.

For the SSO feature, the plugin piggybacks on phpBB's cookie by fetching the user's session ID from it.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager.

Or install it manually by extracting the contents of the archive to lib/plugins and renaming the directory to authphpbb3. Please refer to plugins for additional info on how to install plugins in DokuWiki.


  1. In the “Extension Manager”:
    1. plugin authphpbb3 must be enabled.
  2. In the “Configuration Manager”:
    1. Authenticationauthtype:
      select authphpbb3.
    2. Displayshowuseras:
      select User's full name as interwiki user link.
    3. Plugin SettingsAuthphpbb3plugin»authphpbb3»phpbb_root_path:
      relative path from DokuWiki root directory to phpbb3 root directory.
      Default: ../forums.
    4. Plugin SettingsAuthphpbb3plugin»authphpbb3»phpbb_cache:
      cache validity period in days (0 will disable cache).
      Default : 0.
    5. Plugin SettingsAuthphpbb3plugin»authphpbb3»phpbb_inline_style:
      If checked, inline-style is used in HTML tags of the authentication form.
      Default : 1 (checked).

You must de-activate the following Dokuwiki features. Please refer to Configuration Setting: disableactions.

  • Register
  • Update profile
  • Set new password
  • Delete own account

If you are not using the default protocol (http) and the default port (80), check you have configured the server port and server protocol in your phpBB installation.

⇒ By example, if your phpBB installation is using HTTPS, server port should be 443 and server protocol should be https:// (not empty).


if you change your phpBB protocol/port settings after you setup this plugin, you may run into a problem where the site redirects to a wrong URL upon login or logout.
In order to fix this problem, and for DokuWiki to recognize the phpBB configuration change, you need to disable the cache of the authphpbb3 plugin by setting the value to 0.
Then, try to login and logout from your DokuWiki, the redirection should work. Finally, you can enable the plugin cache again.


To make use of DokuWiki's ACL, add the corresponding phpBB group or username to it (@my phpBB group or my phpBB username). For the built-in “Registered users” phpBB group, use the DokuWiki group name @REGISTERED.

By design, phpBB founders will be members of @admin group in DokuWiki.


Known Bugs and Issues

Please report bugs and request features at the issue tracker.

For debugging purposes please enable debug mode and check the log file:

  • Configuration ManagerBasic Settingsallowdebug
  • The debug log will be located at data/cache/debug.log
  • Please see configuration setting allowdebug and more about available debug tools at debugging


I've been looking for such a plugin for a long time. This one works perfectly with the latest versions of DokuWiki (2015-08-10a “Detritus”) and phpbb3 (3.1.9). My users can now use both the forum and the wiki with same user data. Even ACL handling can be done easily by adding users to group in the forum. Thank you very much, you did a great job! Please keep maintaining and enhancing it — justme636 2016-06-18 17:36

This plugin work perfectly with the very last versions (2016-06-26a “Elenor of Tsort” and phpBB 3.1.10). Thank you! However, whatever the login/logout used (doku or phpBB), after having logged, you stay on the start page, and after having logged out, you stay on the login phpBB page. How to redirect to the page you were browsing when you pressed login or logout ? This was easily done with the manual integration of old phpBB versions with a &redirect=<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>. Dokuwiki or phpBB forums doesn't seem to address this issue — lgmortier

Hello, thank you for the feedback. The plugin has been updated to handle login redirections. However, phpBB doesn't natively support logout redirection yet. — Eole 2017-01-08

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