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Within the edit window, the toolbar helps users formatting their texts without remembering the syntax.

The toolbar buttons work pretty much like the formatting buttons in your favorite word processor. Select a word or phrase and press a button to format the selection. If you click without a selection, a sample text is inserted at the cursor.

The toolbar also gives access to the media manager popup.

:!: If the toolbar does not show up for you, follow the steps outlined in the toolbar FAQ to troubleshoot the problem!

Toolbar Buttons

Most buttons have shortcuts assigned to them based on the access keys of your browser, usually the accesskeys are: ALT + <Key> or ALT + Shift + <Key> on Windows and CTRL + ⌥ Opt + <Key> on Mac, please refer to the access keys for more details.

Button Key Function
b Bold formatting
i Italic formatting
u Underlined formatting
c Code formatting (monospace on gray background)
d Strike-through formatting
8 Same level headline
9 Lower headline
0 Higher headline
Select headline
1 Level 1 headline (via 'Select headline' button)
2 Level 2 headline (via 'Select headline' button)
3 Level 3 headline (via 'Select headline' button)
4 Level 4 headline (via 'Select headline' button)
5 Level 5 headline (via 'Select headline' button)
l Internal link formatting (launches the Link Wizard)
External link formatting
- Ordered list item
. Unordered list item
h Horizontal rule
Media Selection, includes file/attachment uploader
Smiley picker
Character picker
y Signature (only when logged in)
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