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In DokuWiki you will never get lost because you always leave some breadcrumbs behind which show you the way back.

DokuWiki can display two kinds of breadcrumbs: tracking and hierarchical breadcrumbs.

Tracking Breadcrumbs

This is the default. Breadcrumbs display a list of pages you just visited in a wiki. This makes most sense for pages with a flat namespace hierarchy. Tracking Breadcrumbs are prefixed with the word Trace: • .

The number of tracking breadcrumbs to be shown can be set with the breadcrumbs option.

Hierarchical Breadcrumbs

Hierarchical breadcrumbs are common in typical CMS driven sites with deep navigation structures. If your wiki features strict hierarchical namespaces, you might want to use these bookmarks. When enabled they are prefixed with the words You are here:.

Hierarchical breadcrumbs can be enabled with the youarehere option.


  • The text blocks Trace: for tracking breadcrumbs and You are here: for hierarchical breadcrumbs (including the punctuation character) prefixing the breadcrumbs cannot be customized overally by means of the Configuration Manager.
  • How and where the breadcrumb block is rendered is mainly the responsibility of the template.
  • The template mikio with a highly customizable configuration has a setting breadcrumbPrefixText for your customization: Note though that this is only a single prefix used for all breadcrumb types and not individually per hierarchical breadcrumbs and tracking_breadcrumbs.
  • If you'd like to customize it in your plugin of choice
    • ask the author, to make it customizable,
    • or find the string in the template and overwrite it as a quick hack to get what you want
    • or alternatively try to see what the localization has to offer in that regard.


The breadcrumbs are stored in the user session. Template developers should make sure to provide space for both types of breadcrumbs by using the tpl_breadcrumbs() and tpl_youarehere() functions.

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