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Romanization replaces letters from outside the Latin alphabet with Latin letters, usually ones that are phonetically similar.

Example: The Cyrillic Russian word документация will be Romanized to dokumentacija (Ru. documentation).

The function for Romanization in DokuWiki is very simple and cannot always produce the best results, but someone who speaks the original language should be generally able to recognize the original word in the Romanized form.

The supported scripts are Cyrillic, Georgian, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), Greek, Thai and Korean.

To use romanization for pagenames and section names, you need to set the deaccent option to 2. DokuWiki only removes accents from these names by default.

If you're upgrading

When upgrading from previous versions that did not yet have the “Romanize” function, you will encounter a completely ‘unreadable’ directory structure. See the romanize tip.

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