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DokuWiki Bounties

The Bounty Programme was inspired by a similar mechanism in MoinMoin Wiki. The idea is to encourage the development of new features and plugins by funding it via bounties.

A bounty is meant as a promise to pay a fixed amount of money for the implementation of a certain feature, with the hopes that other interested parties join and “chip in”, thus increasing the overall amount to a feasible sum.

In retrospective, bounties rarely ever work, for several reasons:

  • tasks are not clearly enough specified
  • tasks are too focused on a single users need
  • offered amounts are too low as incentive (when translated to hourly rates they are often insulting)
  • bounties do not garner any attention

Instead of opening a bounty you should first see if one of the following other options aren't a better fit:

  • simply open a topic in the Plugin Wishlist sub forum
  • find a plugin that does close to what you want and contact it's author directly, maybe they are open for your suggestion or willing to be hired
  • check the list professional DokuWiki devs and get a quote

Creating a Bounty

If you still think a bounty is the right way to attract developers to your idea, please create a new page in the bounties namespace and link it under open bounties.

  • specify exactly what you want to offer money for
  • specify exactly how much funds you offer (please use USD or EUR)
  • specify exactly how long your offer will stay open (date)
  • specify exactly who you are (including contact information)

A bounty is valid as long as there is at least one non-timed-out funding offer for it. If a bounty gets invalid, it will be removed.

As long as the bounty is not taken, you can take back or change your funding offer at any time.

Be sure to announce your bounty wherever you can if you want to attract others to chip in. A forum post is a good start.

Taking a bounty

If you want to take one of the offered bounties, contact the people listed on the bounty page to negotiate the details. This may include clarifying the scope of work and the payment details.

Keep in mind that all DokuWiki code, including code relying on DokuWiki features has to be licensed under GNU General Public License version 2 when distributed.

Open Bounties

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