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What is the DokuWiki Bounty Programme?

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This Bounty Programme is designed to encourage development of DokuWiki software by its core developer(s) and the many plugin developers. Funders of bounties help DokuWiki developers to enhance DokuWiki in particular areas of interest for its users.

Bounties are open for any private individuals and companies - you just have to ensure (by finding other interested funders or by raising an interested topic) that the bounties' (monetary) value is not too low. Of course small changes are carried out for less money than changes which require more effort.

How to Create a Bounty

  • List the bounty below under “open bounties
  • specify exactly what you want to offer money for
  • specify exactly how much funds you offer (please use USD or EUR)
  • specify exactly how long your offer will stay open (date)
  • specify exactly who you are (including contact information)

A bounty is valid as long as there is at least one non-timed-out funding offer for it. If a bounty gets invalid, it will be either removed or changed into a FeatureRequest by DokuWiki development core team.

As long as the bounty is not taken, you can take back or change your funding offer at any time.

Taking a bounty

At some time, one or multiple people will like to take a bounty

  • They will discuss with DokuWiki development core team how to proceed best for starting implementation.
    • If the task is implemented as a plugin, this is mainly to talk about how it is done best.
    • For the case the task needs changes to core code, it is mainly to discuss if this is needed and wanted.
    • The contacts person of the contracting group (mostly a subgroup of the core team) will contact the funders and invite them for paying some initial rate (50%). He/She will clarify outstanding issues at this point.
    • The feature will be implemented and after it is done, the final rate will be demanded (50%).
    • The resulting code should be based on current code and must be publicly released under the GPL after funds are transferred.
    • If not all funders want/can pay the initial rate, the whole bounty will be rolled back including the transfer of money if necessary.

Open Bounties

I'm looking for someone to create a plugin that allows you to search a page name and jump directly to that page.

If you search, for example, “Cyberpunk 2077” on Dokuwiki, you'll see a search results page that tells you you have a Cyberpunk 2077 page and then shows you some examples of where that text is used. But if you were to search “Cyberpunk 2077” on Wikipedia (or any Mediawiki, I think?), it'll skip the search results page and bring you straight to Cyberpunk 2077's page.

Also, I'd like for it to ignore namespaces. If I have a page called “food:carrot” and I search “carrot”, I'd like to still skip the search results page and be brought to food:carrot.

I've found a plugin that's really close to what I'm looking for. The singlesearchresult plugin can perform a similar functionality, but it looks for the search's string of text in all of your pages, and only works if said string of text is only used once. Using the carrot example, I'd have to include the text “carrot” on the page “food:carrot”, and it would stop working if I used the text “carrot” on any other page.

I'm not sure how much I'd pay for this :s (I know, sorry) but I'm entirely willing to negotiate it. The singlesearchresult plugin could be a good springboard for getting this plugin off the ground, because it's so close to what I'm looking for (the primary issue being that it looks for text strings instead of page names) and it's not even 50 lines of code. Someone who knows what to look for would probably be able to make a very quick and easy edit to the plugin to give it the functionality I'm looking for.

I don't have plans to go anywhere or switch to a different wiki platform, but let's say the offer is up for all of Spring 2021. It shouldn't take too long, right?

Please contact me at

An automatic topic identification system using the indexer web bug

I would like to find someone who can help with developing and refining an idea I have for a plugin that would automatically identify the most important words in a wiki article by finding the TF*IDF weights of each term in an article during indexing, and save these as metadata to be accessed by a render plugin. I have written about this here:, and since then have created a partial implementation which you can see on (scroll to the bottom). My name is Ryan. You can contact me at if you are interested in paid work on a project, or to discuss this project in general. Thanks :)

ACL color coding for the Index (namespaces and pagenames)

The desired behavior for the plugin is the following:
When logged in as an administrator that can change the ACL, the sitemap is color coded. The namespaces and pagenames have colors that represent the ACL. So for example, a page that can only be seen by Admin will have a different colored pagename than a page that can be viewed by everyone. Bounty USD $20, until December 31, 2019. I am, without the X's. I hope someone else adds to this bounty. It's probably just for small-time users that don't have dozens of ACL groups.

Smart template for Dokuwiki

Dokuwiki, as many other wikis, has often a “wiki look” not very sexy. For the new website of our town, we wish to have a smart, pleasant, peachy website. The webdesign will be of our own (home, landing pages, internal pages).

We offer to a proficient developper, the design of the corresponding CSSs and Support to install, customize and test the responsiveness of the webdesign for every display (smartphone, tablet, computer).

The template (including resulting CSS files) will be finally offered to the community.

Offer: 1 000 € with a contract and functionnal specifications between the town and the developper. We will be pleased to see some similar work from the developper.

Don't hesitate to contact me ASAP at <bernardthoorensatorangedotfr>. Our need is for very soon.

Preferably french speaking but if not, english will be accepted.

Single Sign On for Joomla

The goal is to have a SSO from Joomla to Dokuwiki. Dokuwiki needs to respect the Joomla user groups. After development is finished I would take over and continue its maintenance if necessary.

Offer: 500 €

Offer open until end of March of 2018

Contact: <diler ät>

Update (fix) Code2 template

The Code (2) Syntax Plugin has not been updated since late 2008, and as a result only provides minimal functionality (with Hrun, I get nothing but the CSS applied to the blocked text). Email to the author has bounced.

This bounty is to update the Code2 plugin to work properly with the current release of Dokuwiki.

Offer: $100USD via PayPal

Offer open until end of 2014

Contact: tstout [at] lv [dash] 426 [dot] net

— I take this task. — Constant Illumination 2015-05-13 12:37

Cladistics Plugin

<wrap info box>Updated June 2019</wrap>

  • Task 1: Duplicate the functionality of the clade and Cladex templates from Wikipedia. Ideally, the syntax will be compatible with the Wikipedia template (possibly with a small find-and-replace pass if necessary).
  • Task 2: Leave suitable hooks so that the displayed result can be easily manipulated using a custom css style.
  • Plugin should not cause any clashes with the exttable plugins, which use vaguely similar syntax.
  • I (Ashtagon on the DW forums) am willing to offer 50 GBP (about 80 USD) for this to be completed by end of January 2014.
  • I'm (Knobbly on the DW forums) am willing to offer 20 USD (via paypal) for this to be completed.

Move pages or namespaces with history

  • Task 1: Improve either the (old) pagemove plugin, or the openas plugin, or the editx plugin, so that any page can be moved including its history, and with updating all links to this page inside the wiki.
  • Task 2: Make sure that this also works for an entire namespace. (Can be done by moving pages after each other - however some measures might be required against undesired effects such as repeated history entries, …)
  • Manuel would offer 150 EUR for this, within 3 years from now: July 2015, contact: info06 at manuelbuser (.) ch
  • Who else?

This bounty is similar to pagemoveng, we had a very good application for that idea for GSoC 2011 but the student decided to work for another mentoring organization. This means we have already some ideas and concepts how this could be implemented. You can find some of these things linked on the page of the idea, if there is anything missing feel free to contact me (due to lack of time I'm currently not interested in implementing this bounty myself). — Michael Hamann 2012/07/09 22:54

Thanks Michael, good to hear. This pagemoveng concept is more complete, so I'd increase my contribution to 200 EUR for the person implementing it — Manuel

I would add 50 EUR, within December of 2013 for the person implementing it ! – Martin

I would add AUD $100 (about $100 USD) for implementation of this before Dec 31 2013. – Lewis (

I plan to implement this bounty. I started to work on the pagemove plugin some months ago and fixed the main problem. I'm going to focus on some still missing details and namespace moves during the next days/weeks. As soon as I'll have something ready to test I'll contact the people listed here. The current state can be found in my fork of the pagemove plugin. — Michael Hamann 2012/12/18 22:07

Git storage backend option

  • issue date: Nov. 1, 2010
  • I'd offer 150 EUR when this is completed. Of course - other people interested should also contribute financially…
  • Possible AIP inspiration could be obtained from an absolutely mini Wiki with git backend, also written in PHP. see:

git clone git://, index.php only 10 kB, contains git API.

  • also refer to bounties
  • Contact via maris dot rob AT
  • Offer is open until 31 dec 2010, if started at that time: is still Okay, provided the path takes a few months or less.
A recent plugin seems to do this job, isn't? GitBacked Plugin

Differences in the wiki between any two dates

  • March 1, 2010
  • Given two dates (one in the past, and the other is usually today) I need to see what all has happened on the specific page or namespace even.
    • Means to display the differences must be concise, clear and easy to scan through…
  • As this is important to me, I am willing to offer $200.00 US to get this started. No funny stuff - PayPal when it gets completed.
  • My offer is on the table until it gets fulfilled, or I pull it from this page (will give warning here first)
  • My contact is hiflyer.x {over_at} gmail {dot} com & I would be willing to answer further questions when contacted.

Extend the "select" field of bureaucracy plugin

  • Specification: I wish to use a query of data plugin to specify the items of a “select” field, project numbers for example. Is it possible, to use a data-table for selection and display more than one column and enter only the first one to the template?
  • Background: I stored project data via data plugin and assign wiki pages for documents to project numbers. I create new document-wiki-pages via bureaucracy form. In current state, I use a textbox to enter the number of the project. This means, that you need always a list of all projects to identify the required project number. I think it would be best to have a select field with 2 or more columns. In this case with project number and project title for example.
  • Payment?: 50 Euro (via PayPal or EU bank transfer)
  • How long?: December 31, 2009
  • who am I?: Jörg Ferlein, ferlein [at] infodok [dot] de
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty, if you want it too!

Fix XSS vulnerability of plugin exttab2

  • what for?: “XSS vulnerability allows arbitrary JavaScript insertion.” Please fix this so the plugin can be used safely, provide an archive (zip or tar.gz) for convenient installation → exttab2
  • payment?: 25 Euro (via PayPal or EU bank transfer)
  • how long?: August 31, 2009
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want it too!
The author submitted a fix for this XSS-issue.

Using ELGG Login

I have a site that uses ELGG, Vanilla Forums and DokuWiki - often embedded in the same page. The main login for the site is under ELGG and I have managed to get Vanilla Forums to use the ELGG login okay. The problem and the job is to get DokuWiki to use the ELGG login. The only requirement is that DokuWiki checks that the visitor has already logged in via ELGG.

Offer: £150 via Paypal

Offer open till Jan 1 2009


Extend Do Plugin's dolist command to filter by dates

The field is in the SQLite DB- it just needs supporting in the query syntax. Minimum: support queries for less than a certain date (e.g. to find overdue tasks) Ideally: support date ranges e.g. datefrom=2013-10-01&dateto=2013-10-31 would be a hack but acceptable

Offer: EUR100 via Paypal

Offer open till 2013-12-31


Completed Bounties

Confine Search Results to Current NS

  • Bounty: Create a plugin (or modify core code) so that results to a search query are confined to the current namespace. More information here.
  • Reward: $100 USD via PayPal
  • Open until: 31 January 2010
  • Who I am: Chris Sutton (chrispsutton AT


Security of the media directory : Extension of ACL to the "media" part

  • Actually : I use ACL to permit, hide or protect the pages according to users and group administrated with ACL. It's nice but the problem is that anyone who can edit a page can manage (or see, or use) all the images or documents stored in the media directories. Without restriction.
  • Example : On a personal site, I present myself and some activities on a wiki, and on hidden pages I deliver some documents (copy of passports, and other PDF.). But I would allow some edit possibility
  • Specification: I wish to protect the media. The more simple way could be to assign the same limitation (as these applied to the pages) to the same directories under media (according to their names). So if, the page -dir1:dir2:pageA- is forbidden for “Smidt” then the directory “media/dir1:dir2:pageA” should also be invisible or forbidden to the same “Smidt”.
  • Payment?: 30 Euro (via PayPal or Moneybooker)
  • How long?: March 31, 2009
  • who am I?: Rolando Livet, Paris : rol2010 at rolsys dot com
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty, if you want it too!
ACL rules apply to media files as well - if you read protect a namespace foo:bar then all media files inside media/foo/bar are protected too. Maybe you have some errors in your ACLs? — chi 2010/01/19 11:58
Well, You are right. Thank you “chi” for your quick answer. Rol . (rol2010 at rolsys dot com)
  • what for?: Using Lightbox for single image links like the: {{}} link syntax (In other words: Not with the gallery plugin where you have to upload the images to the server first). Meaning we can use the lightbox feature for off-site images as well as with images on the server. (Preferably version 2 of lightbox)
  • payment?: 25 Euro
  • how long?: May 2007
  • who am I?: — Mark Maas 2006-05-01 13:08
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want it too!
  • SOLUTION: LightBoxv2 by ogeidix
  • what for?: Integrate Lightbox v2.0 into DokuWiki using a syntaxplugin, Especially the “Image set” capability is very important to me at least.
  • payment?: 25 Euro payable via PayPal. Mark Maas
  • how long? Until a new lightbox version is out ;-)
  • who am I?: Mark Maas, systems admin. Would love this for his homepage.
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want it too!

SOLUTION by Andreas Gohr. The gallery plugin was enhanced to optionally use lightbox style image viewing including the set feature. Everyone using this feature is welcome to donate

List user's contributions

  • what for? I'd like a plugin to that lists all contributions from a particular user, such as
 {{edits_by>username or IP}}
  • payment?: $15 USD
  • how long?: May 2006
  • who am I? Ryan Knoll, US resident, ryanknoll @at@ yahoo @dot@ com, not affiliated with any company. Can pay with PayPal or other reasonable means.
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want this feature too!
  • SOLUTION by Esther: Blog plugin can now display {{editor>*?username}}, displaying the pages and last date/time of edit by username, or display each and every revision by a username. Now if we can only can only hyperlink every displayed usernames and IP, when clicked will show all the user's edits…dreaming :)
    • NOTE It appears that this functionality is no longer in the current version of the blog plugin (at least there is no mention of it on the page and grepping the source for editor gets no matches). – AdamShand
Thanks Ryan! I suggest you donate the mentioned $15 USD to Andi. — Esther Brunner 2006-03-09 16:02
done, donated 11 EUR ~ $15 USD to andi - — Ryan 2006-06-06 19:12

thu cai nay

this is very good things

Better table syntax

  • what for?: Managing large tables. Current syntax is too cumbersome to edit if there are multiple rows. It was discussed on the mainling list
  • payment?: 25 Euro
  • how long?: Dec 2006
  • who am I?: — Shiva Shankar 2006-09-19 17:53
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want it too!
    Shiva, please look at exttab1 if this goes in the direction you want
Hi Werner. I am currently on holiday so wont be able to test this till next week. But of course I am very happy to see this new plugin. Email me privately on how I can send the bounty to you. It would be my way of saying Happy Halloween :)

Shiva Shankar 2006-10-18 13:31

Form to Create Pages

I've recently set up a wiki ( which offers translations into English of song lyrics in Spanish. Although DokuWiki syntax can hardly get any simpler, I think that, seeing as though practically all my pages have exactly the same layout, it would be great to set up a form which would create a new page and wrap up the contents of the form in DokuWiki syntax.

The format of each lyrics page is:

====== Song Title ======
Artist: //[[Artist]]//\\
{| cell width="100%"
|First line of lyrics in Spanish
|Next line of lyrics in Spanish
|Next line of lyrics in Spanish
|Next line of lyrics in Spanish
(... etc)

(the empty lines on the right hand side of the table are for the translators to insert their translations)

A form which could gather the song title (which would also be the pagename), the artist, YouTube link (optional) and the lyrics line per line, create the page and then publish the form contents all wrapped up in the syntax above using a template would be much cleaner and easier to use than using the addnewpage and pagetemplate plugins or any of the blog plugins.

There are already various form plugins which output to e-mail (conform, contact, form and bureaucracy) and other wikis have similar plugins ( or

It would be convenient to be able to configure the hidden fields of DokuWiki syntax which the form contents are wrapped up in so as to adapt it to any kind of page layout, and if someone attempts to create a page which already exists there would have to be some mechanism to avoid overwriting.

Offer: 100€ via PayPal

Offer open until end of November 2008

Contact: smith [dash] robertson [at] adslmail [dot] es


Implemented by modifying the bureaucracy plugin and money received. I try to get the changes into the upstream distribution of the plugin. If the plugin author refuses to integrate the changes I'll post the plugin on the plugin pages. — Michael Klier 2008/11/22 15:43

Update Roundbox template

The Roundbox template has not been updated since the 2005-11-12 DokuWiki release, and as a result the mediamanager no longer works well with it. The author has indicated he is no longer active in DokuWiki or PHP development and doesn't plan to maintain the roundbox template any longer.

This bounty therefore is to anyone prepared to update the Roundbox template - as a minimum to make the mediamanager functional, but ideally to update any other appropriate areas to make it compliant with the current DokuWiki release.

Offer: 40€ via PayPal

Offer open until end of 2008

Contact: geoff [at] sokoll [dot] net

This was implemented and included in the 2009-01-26 version of roundbox — Don Bowman 2009/10/18 13:23

Closed Bounties

Moved to Closed Bounties.

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