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Table of Contents

Access Keys

For much faster navigation and formatting you can use access keys in DokuWiki. Unfortunately how they work depends on your Browser and Operating System. Usually you hit ALT and the Key. On the Macintosh (OS X) it's CTRL + ⌥ Opt and the Key. In Opera, because it already uses extensive keyboard navigation (and to stop pages hijacking user-specified key mappings), you need to enable access key mode using Shift and ESC first before you can hit them directly. In some browsers using the access key only sets the focus and you have to hit Enter after using it.

How to discover your working accesskeys?

Here is a quick roundup on trying if it works. We will try to get back to the start page. Just follow the steps until something happens.

  • Hit ALT + SHIFT + H
  • Hit ALT + H
  • Hit CTRL + H
  • Hit ALT + H then press Enter
  • Hit CTRL + H then press Enter
  • Hit Shift + ESC then press H

Here are some experiences. Please add/update your combination:

OS Browser Accesskeys Remark
Windows/Linux Internet Explorer ALT + key IE7 only: ALT + SHIFT + key
Firefox 2+ ALT + Shift + key
Opera till 8.51 SHIFT + ESC, then key, then ENTER Not H and F
Opera 9 SHIFT + ESC, then key
Opera 32 Alt + key
Chrome ALT + Shift + key Sometimes: ALT + key
Chromium 1) ALT + Shift + key Sometimes: ALT + key
Those for headlines don't work
Safari ALT + key
Mac Firefox till 14 CTRL + key
Firefox 14+ 2) CTRL + ⌥ Opt + key
Opera SHIFT + ESC, then key
Chrome CTRL + ⌥ Opt + key
Safari 4+ CTRL + ⌥ Opt + key
ChromeOS Chrome ALT + Shift + key

See also Access key or how Wikipedia use them.

General Keys

These keys are always available in DokuWiki.

E opens the current page in edit mode
V opens the current page in view mode (if Button “View Pagesource” is displayed)
O shows the old revisions of the current page
R shows the recent changes
F sets the cursor to the search field
H opens the startpage
X opens the index page
T moves back to top of the page

Edit Mode

These additional keys are available in edit mode:

B bold
I italic
U underlined
M monospaced
D strike-through
8 same level headline
9 lower headline
0 higher headline
1 headline level 1
2 headline level 2
3 headline level 3
4 headline level 4
5 headline level 5
L create internal Link
S saves your changes
P preview text
Y insert signature (logged in users only)
“T” launch the spell checker
Chromium is the open-source version of Chrome found on Linux.
In Mozilla based browsers the modificator key for the browser UI and the HTML access keys can be configured via about:config through the ui.key.contentAccess option.
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