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Page Locking

In order to avoid conflicts1) when multiple users try to edit the same page at the same moment, DokuWiki locks the pages you are editing.

If a page is currently edited by another user, you will see a 'Page locked' message which indicates who is editing the page and when the lock will expire.

Lock expiration

A page lock is set for a time given by the locktime option. Locks are refreshed :

  • When the Preview button is pressed, the age of the lockfile is reset, so if more than 15 minutes for editing is needed just press Preview from time to time
  • When JavaScript is available DokuWiki will refresh the lock in the background while editing the document

Locks do expire when :

  • they are older than the defined age 2).
  • the editing user saves the page
  • the editing user cancels the editing by hitting the Cancel button

If you edit a page, a JavaScript alert reminds you about the expiring lock one minute before it expires.

Lockfiles contain the IP address (or username if available) of the one who edits a page - This means users can not lock pages from themselves.


Although conflicts are still checked for.
meaning that if you don't have JavaScript enabled, you will have a limited time for editing
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