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Recent changes

DokuWiki provides a special page, that shows a list of pages in the wiki that were changed recently. Recent changes page lists following records for each relevant page:

  • the modification time
  • which user changed it
  • the edit summary

It also provides links to the page diffs and the list of older revisions of each page.

:!: Only the most recent change for each page is listed, regardless of how many times that page was changed.

In the default template you can reach this page by clicking on the button labeled “Recent changes” in the header below the search field. It can also be reached using the shortcut key combination ALT+R.1)

The URL that the button and shortcut key direct to is /?do=recent. The info displayed on this page is read from the changelog.

Difference between recent changes and old revisions

The recent changes feature lists the changes performed on all pages (in the wiki).

The old revisions button lists changes to the page from which it is invoked.

Information for Administrators

  • the number of changes shown per page is controlled by the recent setting.
  • the maximum age of changes kept is controlled by the recent_days setting (excepting that changes aren't discarded if there are less than one page of changes (per recent setting)).
  • users are only shown pages to which they have read access (see acl).
For more DokuWiki shortcut keys, see accesskeys.
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