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DokuWiki speeds up browsing through the wiki by caching parsed files1). If a currently cached version of a document exists, this cached copy is delivered instead of parsing the data again. On editing and previewing no cache is used.

Prevent Caching

To prevent a page from ever being cached, use the NOCACHE tag anywhere in the document. This is useful if the page contains dynamic content, e.g. PHP code that pulls in outside information, where the caching would prevent the most recent information from being displayed.


Depending on how big and complex the page is, this may considerably reduce the speed with which that page displays.

The age of the cache for the entire wiki can be changed with the general setting cachetime.

For images you can also control the caching.

Some plugins have a more fine-grained caching e.g. ACL dependent such that the NOCACHE tag is not needed, or has specific settings about tuning or disabling its caching.

Purging the cache

All of DokuWiki's cache files can be easily invalidated by “touching” the conf/local.php file and thus changing its last modification timestamp. This can be done by:

  • simply resaving the configuration from the Configuration Manager.
  • using the Unix command touch.
  • using the stale plugin.
  • or opening and saving the file in your favorite editor.

For purging the cache of a single page only, see Purging the cache.


See the developer caching section to find more about caching.

See images for info on image caching
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