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Page Index

The index of pages is created by a special site action that shows the pages and namespaces within your wiki, organized as a tree and ordered by namespaces.

It can be accessed by clicking the Sitemap1) link in the global navigation, or called by adding &do=index at the end of your wiki URL. To view a specific branch of your wiki, you can call ?idx=namespace_to_show.

In addition there are some very useful plugins, with usage of JavaScript and other features. See plugin lists tagged by menu or listing.


Be aware that it reveals namespaces (but not pages) that may be protected by the ACL. There is a sneaky index option you can set in your configuration file to enable protected namespace hiding in the Index. This option is not turned on by default since this will hide accessible pages that are children of an otherwise protected namespace.


not to be confused with a sitemap for search engines
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