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DokuWiki Teams

Working together is more fun. A lot of important work is done with writing little or no code. Yes, that means non-coders are more than welcome to contribute to the DokuWiki comunity!

Teams are groups of people that create and maintain the various aspects of DokuWiki and its resources. If you'd like to help with DokuWiki, teams are the right way to start. Each team has different tasks and responsibilities in the Dokuwiki projects. This page links to all team pages.

Before you start off, you might want to read about

Joining a Team

To join a team, have a look at the list of teams below and find the one (or more) that matches your interests and skills best. Edit that team's page and add your name and some info about you to the list of members. You could also subscribe to changes to that page.

Now join the DokuWiki Teams Mailing List. All teams organize via the DokuWiki Teams Mailing List. By sharing a communication channel between all teams, we make sure teams can easily interact with each other. The mailing list is also the best place to get in contact with a certain team.

You're now a member of the a DokuWiki team and thus a member of the DokuWiki Open Source project. Welcome :-)

Next is to start working. Some teams maintain a list of current tasks on their team pages – have a look at them. But before you jump right into working, it's recommended to talk to them first ;-). Just write a short mail to the mailing list, introduce yourself and tell your team mates what you'd like to work on.

The Teams

These teams are already working on tasks and could use some help.

Release Management Team

The Release Management Team, as the name suggests, takes care of organizing the whole release process and prepare the release packages.

Community Team

The Community Team is responsible for promoting DokuWiki and it's community. Making people want to use, talk about, write about and contribute to the DokuWiki project.

Forum Moderation Team

The Forum Team is responsible for keeping the forum friendly, clean spam and general forum housekeeping and community management.

Devel Team

The Devel Team is responsible for writing the software that is DokuWiki.

Plugins & templates team

The Plugins/Templates Team takes care about the organisation, documentation and quality assurance of plugins and templates.

Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team provides the services such this website, IRC-Logs and keep them in a safe condition.

I18N Team

The I18N-Team handle the different translation sets and keep the translator informed about new strings.

Starting a New Team

These teams would be great to have, but we don't. Maybe you're the one who can help?

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