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DokuWiki Teams

DokuWiki teams were an attempt to formalize DokuWiki development and surrounding tasks and make it easier for newcomers to join. In the end teams were mostly successful where a single enthusiastic individual took the lead to organize (and often do most of the work). Teams as originally imagined are no longer existent.

Pages below subscribe the tasks that were formally assigned to different teams. Help with all of these tasks is still greatly appreciated. There might not be a formal team, but the loosely knit DokuWiki developer community is still happy about anyone picking up a task.

The Teams

These teams are now mostly defunct. Pages remain here until reorganized.

  • Release Management Team: as the name suggests, takes care of organizing the whole release process and prepare the release packages.
  • The Community Team is responsible for promoting DokuWiki and it's community. Making people want to use, talk about, write about and contribute to the DokuWiki project.
  • The Forum Team is responsible for keeping the forum friendly, clean spam and general forum housekeeping and community management.
  • The Devel Team is responsible for writing the software that is DokuWiki.
  • The Plugins/Templates Team takes care about the organisation, documentation and quality assurance of plugins and templates.
  • The Infrastructure Team provides the services such this website, IRC-Logs and keep them in a safe condition.
  • The I18N-Team handle the different translation sets and keep the translator informed about new strings.
  • Documentation Team improving the DokuWiki documentation
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