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Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure-Team manages the DokuWiki server and makes sure all services like this wiki, the forums or the IRC logs are up and running.


Andrwe works as a system administrator since 2010. He learned Linux using Gentoo and now uses Arch Linux for all his systems and administrates debian-ish systems at work. He's specialized in Bash and has knowlegde about the usual stuff (apache, MySQL, Postfix, nginx, Lighttpd, Bind, etc…).

Frank Jørgensen has been working as a UNIX-admin for the past 12-13 years focusing on Linux system administration for the most part. He worked a couple of years at a largeish ISP where he got to know the usual suspects (apache, MySQL, Sendmail, Postfix, Bind etc…) and also did a bit of development work (mainly Perl, PHP and Bash). Red Hat (CentOS, Fedora) and SuSE is where he feels most at home - but he worked with other distros as well.

Christopher Smith doesn't have much formal Linux sysadmin experience, but regularly deploys web applications on Linux servers (predominantly Ubuntu on AWS these days) and keeps those sites operational. He's also an active DokuWiki developer for several years now.

Andreas Gohr worked for some years as a Linux system administrator and managed the old DokuWiki server on his own. He's trying to keep his role in the infrastructure team low to have more time for his other DokuWiki work.


Most info is collected at a dedicated wiki located on a different server (to have it accessible when the DokuWiki server is down)

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