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The Community Team

The community team is responsible for promoting DokuWiki and it's community. Making people want to use, talk about, write about and contribute to the DokuWiki project.

What skills are needed?

  • Decent written English
  • Curiosity in search for information that would be interesting to others

What are the main tasks?

Who are we?

Håkan Sandell from Sweden

I write the newsletter with some help from the others.

Andreas Gohr from Berlin

I promote DokuWiki through social networks, blog posts, pod casts and wiki related events.

FIXME Add rest of the team

Current tasks


  • Revive newsletter and social teams, involve more people
    • Plan A: let each team write about themselves, to get familiar with contributing
    • Plan B: ?
  • Better links to forum etc page refactor pages
    • “read others opinions” press, blog, listings
    • “communicate & participate” forum, mailing lists, irc, bug tracker
    • “evaluate” features, factsheet, requirements, changes (leaflet)
  • Continue getting inspired by TikiWiki Communications Team

Small stuff (one night ;-) )


Every Release

Media Task
Freecode (Freshmeat) Login, press “Submit a release” (generates mail to subscribers) current “Adora Belle” submitted
Wikipedia Update “Latest release” current ‘2017-02-19e “Frusterick Manners” / February 19, 2017’
WikiMatrix Updated by CosmoCode (possible to send email reminder)
SocialSourceCommons Login, edit current “2009-12-25”
Ostatic current “Adora Belle”

Some thoughts about listings

Do something about

Get listed on


Devel efforts improving popularity

This is some improvements that might make the first impression better

  • Include more than one template, people want to try different looks easy
  • “Every tick in the box” at WikiMatrix

Social networks


Subscribe to the DokuWiki Newsletter The newsletter team creates the DokuWiki newsletter, highlighting news, recent and upcoming events, featured plugins and much more. We use MailChimp to distribute the newsletter. We happily appreciate feedback and tips, just add them to the Newsletter Forum.

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