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Documentation Team

The Documentation Team has the primary focus on improving and complementing the DokuWiki documentation

What are the main Tasks?

The user manual is always in need of wiki gardening. Even if you only have used DokuWiki for a short time there is much to do.

General wiki gardening

  • Improve documentation and FAQs where people complain about unclear stuff
  • Add more links where needed, e.g. Include Hooks
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Keep pages tidy (especially plugins). There are often comments. Most of them should be removed and merged into the documentation part of the pages and in comprehensive FAQs.
  • Translate pages to your local language
  • Make and add screenshots of features or plugins where appropriate
  • Search for FIXME, try to fix them

Keep up with development

  • Make sure the documentation is up to date.
  • Monitor development changes and ensure that the necessary documentation is created (or extended) by the developers in a comprehensible way. Some organization below.
  • Closed bugs with the tag needDocUpdate need improvements of the documentation. For example: adding the new syntax, removing old bug reports or workarounds. (Add the [[devel:develonly]] link when features are not yet released).
  • There are some documentation pages which mention that certain DokuWiki features are devel:develonly (use the backlinks feature to find them). If these remarks are less recent than the most recent release, they are most probably no longer relevant. Check that and remove them and rewrite the affected paragraphs.
  • Maintain also the tags experimental, devel:deprecated and devel:adoption

Plugins & Templates

Additional syntax

For useful non-default syntax see additional syntax.

Work in progress

See work items for outstanding jobs.

Who we are?

  • Scott Hewitt
  • Barry Coughlan
  • Chris Green
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