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The Devel Team

The devel team is responsible for developing DokuWiki.

What skills are needed?

  • Good knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and/or Javascript
  • Knowledge of git
  • Good knowledge of DokuWiki codebase or time to acquire it

What are the main tasks?

  • Fix bugs
  • Implement new features
  • Most tasks to work on come up on and are discussed at the general mailing list so you really need to join that one.

Who are we?

Andreas Gohr from Berlin
Adrian Lang from Berlin
Mainly what CosmoCode needs, JavaScript, Architecture
FIXME Barry Coughlan
FIXME Chris Green
avatar.identi.ca_93-150-20090816205426.jpeg Gina Häußge from Darmstadt
Frontend or Backend, helping where I can. Organizing regular bughunting weekends/days.
Currently on hiatus due to too much stuff during working hours.
FIXME Chris Smith
Anika Henke
Michael Hamann from Karlsruhe
JavaScript code, sitemaps, XML-RPC and HTML-output just to name a few things I've done so far.
FIXME Michal Rezler
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