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Forum Team

The forum team takes care of the DokuWiki Forum.

What skills are needed?

  • Some knowledge about DokuWiki and it's organization
  • Some knowledge on how forums work
  • Good English for global moderation, well enough English for foreign language sub forum moderation
  • Enough time to regularly monitor the forum for spam and new topics (once every day would be excellent)

What are the main tasks?

  • Monitor the forum for Spam and abuse
    • delete problematic posts
    • delete spam accounts (requires super mod privileges) or report them in the moderator Forum
  • Move topics to the correct subforums if necessary
  • Split topics in separate threads when necessary
  • Welcome new members and encourage them to participate
  • Point people into the right directions
    • eg. when to use the bug tracker or the mailing list instead of the forum
  • Monitor unanswered questions

Who are we?

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