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Plugins & templates team

The Plugins/Templates Team takes care about the organization, documentation and quality assurance of plugins and templates.


  • Manage plugin/template listings: Remove old entries, Assure completeness & correctness of entries
  • Create documentation for upgrading
  • Find new maintainers for orphaned but popular templates and plugins
  • select “featured” plugins
  • keep the plugin pages in consistent layout (encourage plugin authors to follow certain guidelines when new plugin pages are created)
  • Improve the quality of the TOP30 plugin-pages (e.g. adding screenshots)
  • Clean up of extensions: extensioncleanup
  • Inform authors about deprecated features, and refer documentation and ways to fix it: Refactoring 2020 and higher. develonly Since [upcoming] release Rector can be used for code improvement suggestions.

List of members

Information store

  • Adoption: Information about adopting a plugin/template of another developer
  • Solutions – Organize plugins for some use cases
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