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The members of the I18N-Team handle the different translation sets and keep the translator informed about new strings.


  • coordinate translations
  • inform translators on new strings
  • inform translators on documentation changes that need retranslation
  • correct typos in current translations

Who we are?

Information store

Available translators/languages on i18n-Mailinglist

See also i18n mailing list for subscription and its archive.

Code Language Name
cs Czech — Zbynek
de German M. S. 2011/07/11 13:41,
Arne 2011/07/11 13:51
en English M. S. 2011/07/11 13:41,
Arne 2011/07/11 13:51,
Vince 2011/07/11 13:59
eo Esperanto Felipe 2011/07/11 14:26,
Robert 2011/07/11 22:37
eu Basque inkoia 2011/08/31 19:24
fr French Vince 2011/07/11 13:59,
JeromeP 2022/03/17 15:19
it Italian
jp Japanese
pt Portuguese André 2011/07/11 14:39
ro Romanian Marian 2018/05/16 16:00
ru Russian
zh Chinese lainme 2013/03/09 07:21
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