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Login and Registration

Please note: Logging in is only possible if the Wiki administrator chose to enable ACL support for the wiki. If ACLs aren't enabled there is no login available and everyone can edit the wiki.

How to Login

Registered users can login using the “Login” functionality. After supplying the correct credentials in the login form, the button changes to “Logout”.

If you choose to select the “Remember Me” checkbox, you will be automatically logged in the next time you revisit the Wiki. Don't do this on a shared computer e.g. at work or in an internet café.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click the resend password link to have a new password sent to your registered email address. If you can't recall your user name, or your email address has changed, you will need to register again. Note: You can disable this behaviour with the disableactions config option by ticking “Set new password” (or by adding resendpwd if you're manually editing the config file), which removes the “Forgotten your password? Get a new one: Set new password” text/hyperlink from the login screen.

To be able to log in, your Browser needs to support Cookies.

Logging out is just a matter of pressing the “Logout” action.


If the wiki admin didn't disable it, people can register themselves at the wiki. To do so just click on “Login” and follow the “Register” link below to the login form.

Enter your Userdata and hit register, depending on how the wiki is configured you will either get an auto-generated password by mail (default) or you are allowed to supply your own password in the register form.

If register is disabled in the disableactions config option, only the administrator(s) can add users. They can find an “Add new user” link in the “User Manager” admin screen.

You can update your registration information at any time. Simply login and click on “Update Profile”.

Unregister / Delete User

Admins can delete users through the User Manager. But users cannot delete themselves.

Access Control

Please see ACL for details on controlling user and usergroup access to namespaces and pages.

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